Just Your Imagination

Tendrils of wind snaking around corners eerily
Like a specter keening noisily in the night
Stranded here eternally, ever moaning and wailing
A mournful sound which sends chills into the heart of those who hear
Black clouds swirling in the air, scudding across the surface of the moon
Shadows dancing by the windows looking over the back garden
Just as a stroke of lightening illuminates the landscape
Skeletal fingers wiggle across the ceiling as branches whip in the building gale
Clashes of thunder rumble through the air, sounding like a herd of ghostly horses
You huddle in a corner lit by a single flickering candle waiting for it to pass
Telling yourself over and over that there is nothing to fear…only the storm
There are no wailing spirits waiting to accost in the darkness, it’s just your imagination
After what feels like forever the winds calm and the lightening ceases
Breathing normally once more, it’s time to rise from the chair and return to bed
As you’re walking slowly down the silent hallway, fingers brush through your hair
A cold rush of air speeds past and a shadow drifts through a doorway ahead
Picking up the pace, you rush to get safely under the blankets seeking comfort
When the sound of laughter splits the silence and the door slams closed
No way to explain this away, but who would believe that is was nothing more
Than just your imagination


19 thoughts on “Just Your Imagination

  1. Aww thanks MiMi! Glad you like it. There is plenty that I can't do…like…the music isn't mine lol. Wish I could do something like that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the kind compliment.

  2. I. LOVE. IT. !:)I love your descriptive prose, and I love the ending. I like this: "As you're walking slowly down the silent hallway, fingers brush through your hair" because doesn't it feel just like that when you're scared?

  3. Ha Mina! If only…sigh. Nope I got lucky in finding the video after I wrote the poem. What inspired it was the sound of the wind moaning around the corner of my building that afternoon. It was quite creepy. πŸ™‚

  4. That was great, but screeeeeeeew that song lol it was creepy. It really played along well with your writing. I almost avoided it, but felt it wouldn't be the same and that is was meant to be experienced in unison.Kind of wish I hadn't listened/read at night… though, I wish I had used it for some of my haunting stories lolSadly, in reality, most would blame it on imagination :(Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

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