No Warning

After days of not writing any poetry and feeling a bit worried about losing my momentum, I went out and searched for poetry prompts and came across a place called My Word Wizard. There are quite a few promising ideas there, and here is what I’m sure will be the first of many poems inspired by what they’ve got there.

There was nothing…
To make me think that my heart was about to become vulnerable
No way to predict that you would ignite this disused passion
That such sweet emotions could trigger an ache deep inside
The sort of longing which knows no rhyme or reason
Where once there was an empty space which didn’t even know that it was
Is now a place created the moment that your lips touched mine
No, I cannot pretend that none of this matters
Or that it can simply be reversed
There was nothing…
Which could have foretold that I would feel this way once more.


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