Not Forgotten

My mind has been itching to write for several days now. Its been much more a lack of time than of desire. Out of state relatives are visiting and I’ve had other things going on as well, so there really hasn’t been a lot of down time. Last night I couldn’t even manage to watch more than one episode of ‘Gavin and Stacey’ which is only a 30 minute show on Netflix before I remembered that I had to start reading a book for a book club I’ve joined. I didn’t get far in it, but it’s better than the zero pages I had read so far. I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for the book club because I don’t seem to have enough time as it is. Not only that but I’ve committed to leading a tai chi class weekly, so yes I’m feeling a tad overloaded.

The writer and artist in me are pouting a bit…my muse is nagging more than a bit…the voices driving me mad to the degree that I am feeling tempted to stay in my pajamas all day, hiding out in an insulated bubble of journals and sketch pads. Not only that, but I am also feeling withdrawal from walking. I haven’t had a decent one since Thursday due to several days of pouring rain.

The past week has made it abundantly clear that I am going to have to insist on making/taking the time for certain things. For some reason I thought that it was going to be easier to stick with the daily habit of writing after the two challenges I was participating in ended on the last day of April. Instead of berating myself for the lack of discipline or worse yet, falling into the trap of analyzing myself in an attempt to figure out why…I’m just shoring my resolve.

I had someone ask me just yesterday if I was feeling guilt about not writing and after careful deliberation I’m pleased to say that no…it isn’t guilt that I’m feeling. It’s a feeling of emptiness, a blank space which can only be filled by writing. How’s that for an aha moment?

The relatives will be heading home on Thursday morning so I will be able to get into a groove again very soon. I’m also going to turn comment moderation back on here. Why? Because it makes it easier for me to remember to reply in a timely fashion. I certainly do not want for anyone’s comments to get lost in the shuffle and I am well aware that this is just what’s happening. I want to sincerely thank all of you for your patience and understanding while I’m getting myself together!


11 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

  1. It really is like an itch you need to scratch, isn't it? When the ideas start coming and you have to put them on hold, for whatever reason. It does sound like you have taken on a lot. That is the unavoidable consequence for people who are genuinely interested in the world, I think. Who want to experience it and really live it. It's hard to work it all it, but at least you are living out loud, so to speak. πŸ™‚ Would you have it any other way? πŸ™‚

  2. Is your family staying w/ you at your place? I've been wanting to write some blog posts – a little bit more in depth stuff than just my crafts and photos, but I am reluctant to put much out there about my life and feelings anymore. Either I take my blog private, start a second, private blog or let it all out there. I know that more people read my blog than comment on it. It's why I haven't posted pictures of Russell's kids, even though they are adults. Facebook is controllable by setting pics so only my friends can see them. My blog is public. It's been frustrating b/c I don't feel like handwriting it all out in my journal b/c I can type faster. It is a quandary.

  3. Sure is Wendy. Hoping to get back into the full swing of things very soon! I have to tell you that it seems as though you really do get it…the part about being so interested in things and therefore taking on too much. Would I have it any other way? There are things which I feel would be best accomplished if I would stay in one spot longer, but really I can't imagine it otherwise. Why fight it then right? πŸ™‚

  4. No JoJo, they aren't staying at my place. Well, I guess if there are private things which you need to get out of your system in writing then the second blog set to private would be the way to go. It is hard to decide how much to put out there publicly. Good luck in making a decision!

  5. Mina…I know! Bummed because I exhausted what they have on Netflix so I have to go out online and see if anyone else has more episodes for me to devour. Thanks for the support lady. Means a lot. ❀

  6. It is hard to find time for everything we want and need to do. We seem to have a difficult time allowing ourselves those quiet moments of introspection, reflection or just quietness that our minds and bodies need to refuel. Great reminder! I am right there with ya on the pouting because we don't have time to be creative. Soon, very soon!!tm(dropping by on the A to Z Road trip.)

  7. Sorry things were getting rough. By now I hope they have cleared up a lot. Getting out for a good walk can always help stir the Muse, though yours has already been nagging. Maybe a bit jelly of that.Glad you weren't feeling guilty about not writing. That line of thinking can quickly spin and twist negatively causing yourself to further avoid writing and repeating the cycle.If things are busy, but able to even place in 15 min or 30 minutes aside for writing (either when waking up or going to bed) would be good.Going to try to catch up. Doing daily challenges drains me. I found a June one, but attempting to avoid it at all costs lolJak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

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