Tides of Change

All things come to a conclusion of sorts
Some a graceful movement into the next chapter
Others a bittersweet mix of painful goodbye
Followed by a welcome better by far
Life’s constant shifting is as promised
As the ebb and flow of the tides
We can’t but ride upon the waves
Monumental resistance cannot tame its pull
Nor even slow its current at all
Will we foolishly fight the torrents
Or drift contentedly in the moonlight?


12 thoughts on “Tides of Change

  1. I sure would prefer to drift in the moonlight, but I'm afraid I'm kind of a torrents-fighter person. I may not be doing the writing or chores I'm supposed to, but I'm always doing something. πŸ˜›

  2. Hi Lexa! I have a tendency to be a fighter myself. Slowly but surely I'm teaching myself to drift more. That last line of yours. Something I like to say is 'I'll find something to do, even if it's wrong'. πŸ˜›

  3. I have found you because Rosie Amber listed both of us today on her reflection about the #atozchallenge. I wonder if you would allow me to incorporate your poem Tides of Change into a post on my wordpress blog site. (Which I will write for tomorrow) If you would take a moment before answering and look at Stephenyhoughtlin.wordpress.com you will see three posts all to do with a move we are about to make and the grief I am feeling at leaving my beautiful English garden. The truth and clarity of this lovely poem has brought me solace and reminded me that changes in life are part of the deal! I would give you complete credit and list this site to find you. I have taken a photo of a large glazed green pot that is one of the focal points in the garden which will go with me. I thought your poem was meant for me and I would like to share it with fellow gardeners who understand my plight. I would appreciate your letting me do this.

  4. Hi Stepheny~ I am honored that you would like to use this poem and that it made such an impression. I'll be sure to go and check your post out over the weekend. Yes, I read the three posts which you referenced and left a comment there giving you permission to use 'Tides of Change' in your post but wanted to repeat it here as well. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for reaching out. πŸ™‚

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