Pondering Love

Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo’s site was to take a common phrase or proverb and type the first three words into a search engine. After doing that, they suggested that you go through several pages of results and collect words to use as inspiration for a poem.

 I chose the phrase, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. The words I collected from five pages of results were: sadness, healing, path, think, inspired, love, normal, victory, and breathing.

As I sat and pondered love; what it means, how to find it, if it can be lasting
It occurred to my weary mind that there is no normal in matters of the heart
Except for that in the eye of the beholder, yet its beauty is universal
At times there is a sense of sadness which washes over me because
We’ve complicated it to the degree that we are no longer inspired
Our emotions stagnating while our feet left the path
Which leads to where love really dwells…beyond the mind, deep inside
The place in which the simple sound of the breathing of our beloved
Against an ear laid upon the warm rise and fall of their chest
Is enough to bring a smile of tenderness, a wave of passion and compassion
Though there may be scars left behind from the hurts of yesterdays gone by
We can either give them the power to become chains which bind us inside a life alone
Or gain victory by opening ourselves to the healing of moving beyond fear
Into feeling, giving, receiving, living, allowing, loving.


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