Snidely Whiplash
Anyone remember this guy from ‘Dudley Do-Right’ on the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon? Snidely Whiplash was the epitome of underhandedness and even though I hadn’t seen this cartoon since I was a little girl, his image came to mind immediately when I thought of this post. He was the guy conniving and sneaking around to tie the damsel to the railroad tracks. Of course she was always rescued by Dudley, but it never stopped old Snidely from trying…only thing that did that was when the show ended. 
Underhanded people will pretty much do whatever it takes to try to achieve their goals. No matter if it’s lying, cheating, or sneaking…they’ll stop at nothing. These are usually the people who smile widely at you and act in an ingratiating manner. Later it is discovered that they were going behind your back, doing or saying something which could be damaging to you in some way to get something that they wanted. 
We’ve all known people like this and it is likely that we will meet at least a few more. While it might be tempting to lose our cool when we discover that someone’s been up to no good, it might take some of the sting out of it if we imagine them with a Snidely style mustache. Possibly we could even imagine them tied up with their own rope in true Dudley Do-Right fashion. Remember folks, I said imagine…not to actually do it…no matter how tempting!


14 thoughts on “Underhanded

  1. I only have vague memories of those cartoons. I know they attempted a live action movie once, didn't they? Maybe that never happened…Underhandedness goes almost hand in hand with Ruthlessness. Both are attributes I won't condone in those I associate with.

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