Magic Static

I will not be following the prompt from NaPoWriMo’s site again today. It just feels like a good day to do my own thing.

The clouds are building, thickening, blackening
Creating an air of mystique which transcends the tangible senses
As though the breeze streaming through the open window
Not only cools one’s skin, but seeps into the very soul
Giving the feeling that anything is possible; vision, creativity, magic
Feel it crackling in the atmosphere?
This feeling of lightness…as though floating in a dream
Wide awake yet sleepwalking, no dreamwalking
A lucid dream in which the heart’s desires
Drift out of the swirling hinterlands of the mind
Into the world of hearing, touch, sight, taste, and sound
Ready for the storm, winds of change ushering in
A static filled jolt of sparkling energy to
Wind us up in it’s perfect embrace of sizzling tranquility


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