For Love of Life Itself

Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo’s site is to write a poem for Earth Day.

Like a band of marauders we’ve plundered our home
Raping and pillaging at will, with nary a thought
For the generations of the future
Depending on the water we’ve saturated with poisons
Sowing seeds in soil with layer upon layer of buried waste
Sweating on dusty landscapes created through destruction of forests

It’s not yet too late for Gaia to sustain many more tomorrows
She continues to heal wound after wound we’ve inflicted
Unless we act soon, the scales may tip too far
Rendering her unable to bounce back once more

Let’s prove to ourselves and one another
That our hearts are alive and well
That we haven’t lost our sense of compassion
That we are willing to do what it takes
For love of life itself.

5 thoughts on “For Love of Life Itself

  1. Wonderfully said. I don't understand why "global warming" or "climate change" even matters to people who don't believe in it, when there's the simple fact that putting poison in the air and water makes it poisonous to breath and drink. The fact that we breath much less oxygen than we should, and get lung cancer without smoking, should be cause for alarm.#atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

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