For many people, dandelion is nothing more than a pesky weed. Despite it’s unpopularity, this herb has many uses in natural medicine and has interesting some interesting folklore behind it as well. 
In natural medicine dandelion roots have been used as a mild laxative, diuretic, liver and blood cleanser, 

tonic, joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, and digestive aid. The leaves have been used in salads, cooked like spinach, and dried as a tea. While it is fairly safe, there are some potential medication interactions so be sure to check for that.

In folklore dandelion is said to be among the herbs affiliated with the goddess Hecate, who is known to be the goddess of witchcraft, the night, the moon, ghosts, and the protector of anything newly born. Dandelion magic is practical, gentle, and intentional transformation. Follow this link to a pretty cool website that I stumbled across while researching a little bit online for information on dandelion.


10 thoughts on “Dandelion

  1. We used to get monstrous dandies up in WA. I've never seen ones that big in my life. Their base of leaves were larger than dinner plates and they'd grow at least 2' tall.

  2. My favorite dandelion story is about the reaction of a mother and her young daughter when they see a bunch of them growing in their yard. The mother says, "Oh no! Look at all those weeds!" and the little girl says, "Oh boy! Look at all those wishes!"

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