Newest Creations

Below are some photos of my latest works in progress and the finished lace market bag.

Making another e-reader bag 
What will be a blue slouchy hat

Scotch pine (almost complete)

Finished lace market bag


15 thoughts on “Newest Creations

  1. Thanks MiMi. Don't know if you come back and read comment, but I tried to leave one for you this morning and cannot get it to work. Will try again later and if it doesn't work I'll send you a message through Facebook. Blogger has been giving a lot of people issues lately and it's looking like it's time for me to begin researching a new platform. I have two people (that I know of) who have been unable to leave comments here for a few months. Not really acceptable.

  2. Tracy – if you are looking for a new platform for blogging, I recently switched from blogger to WordPress, and I am very impressed with WordPress. I have trouble leaving comments on blogs from blogger often. I've had trouble here on your blog before. It's rather frustrating! It's sad that you might miss comments because blogger is acting up that day. Check out WordPress if you want.

  3. Thanks Stacie! So glad that you enjoy the tree. I used to have a WordPress blog and wasn't super fond of it. I found the WordPress platform difficult to understand. I do know though that it is much more stable than blogger and if I cannot find another blog site which meets my needs, it's looking like I will have to go back with WordPress. Glad that you're liking it. Maybe I'll be joining you there! Thanks for the advice. πŸ™‚

  4. I think they may have improved WordPress, as I also had a blog there years ago, but moved to blogger for the same reason you did. I thought it was difficult to understand. But I have ZERO problem understanding it now. Perhaps they made it more user friendly….

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