It’s a totally dreary, cold day here today. This afternoon I decided to make some polenta. It had been so long since I’d done it that I forgot how much stirring is involved! My grandfather used to make polenta all the time. He always made Italian sausage to go with it which I didn’t have so I improvised. I’ve been on a meat free kick here lately so I used some chopped up Boca burgers.

To make the polenta I brought 9 cups of water to a boil and then slowly poured in 3 cups of corn meal and a dash of salt. You start stirring from the moment you start pouring the corn meal and do not stop until it gets to the point where it’s the consistency of super firm mashed potatoes and it no longer sticks to the sides of your pot. (roughly 30 minutes of non-stop stirring)

After that I put it into a bread loaf pan and baked it in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes.

For the sauce I used a large can of fire roasted tomatoes and the last quart of whole tomatoes which I had frozen in the fall. To this I added one large clove of pressed garlic, several large pinches of a Sicilian blend of spices, and some black pepper. I’m not much for measuring when it comes to seasonings. Cook to desired thickness. 
While the polenta was in the oven, I sauteed half a large onion and two crumbled up Boca burgers in olive oil. 
When it was all done I sliced some polenta and put it onto a plate, poured some sauce onto it and placed some of the Boca and onion on top. I’m not going to lie…the Italian sausage is yummier but the Boca was plenty tasty. 
Total time for all steps is about three hours. 


10 thoughts on “Polenta

  1. Looks good. I must be the most Americanized Italian ever. I've never had polenta and I don't recall my family ever making it either, although my mom said she had it growing up and hated it so much. I guess that's why she never made it.

  2. Thanks JoJo! It did turn out pretty yummy. I've always loved it and the way that the kitchen smelled today made it feel almost as though I could turn around and see Pap-pap. ๐Ÿ™‚

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