Asheville Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras parade was on February 10th and while this year’s was reportedly smaller than the previous one it was pretty cool. Next year, I’ll have my costume ready and of course will post photos of that. I didn’t have the time to put anything together this time around…but rest assured that next year I’ll be ready. Below are some photos. The first one is of some street musicians who were playing before the parade began and they were really good so I thought that I would include them here. Not sure what the name of their group is, but they were entertaining. Also need to say thank you to my sister for letting me snag her camera. As per my usual, I forgot to charge the battery in mine and it died just as I was attempting to take the first shot with it! Thanks sis.


10 thoughts on “Asheville Mardi Gras

  1. Looks like fun!!! Nothing's done around here for Mardi Gras. Nor was anything observed in WA either. But I made cupcakes in those colours. And in 1990 I went to a really fun Grateful Dead show on Fat Tuesday with a parade inside the Oakland Coliseum.

  2. Thanks Mina. You should try it sometime. This was my first. A lot of firsts in my life this year. The mardi gras here isn't the crazy get drunk in the streets thing as New Orleans so if that's what you're looking for you might want to skip Asheville and head there lol.

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