Finally…some new knitting to post

I finally finished up the cowl that I’ve been working on for a few weeks to match the gauntlets I posted quite some time ago. Below is a photo. I’ve mostly cut myself out of it due to the fact that my hair today resembles something wild which lives in bushes and no amount of styling product could fix it! Anyway…it’s about the knitting anyway right?


8 thoughts on “Finally…some new knitting to post

  1. I would have KILLED for a cowl when the power was off! My bff is making me one in rainbow yarn but I don't think she started it yet. Yours came out great!

  2. Thanks MiMi. Haven't sold anything, but have given tons away. Wouldn't be opposed to doing that, just wouldn't want it to turn into being only about money. Know what I mean? A nice balance of money and giving would be to my liking. 🙂

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