Concept Sketch

Thinking of trying my hand at painting sometime in the near future. Below is a sketch of what I want to try to do. Thinking about golden leaves, varying shades of blue going from light to dark as the wind swoosh widens all the way out to as dark as night. Time will tell if I can take this from sketch into paint. If it turns out halfway decent I’ll post it…if not I’ll at least come and admit that I haven’t mastered it (grin).

11 thoughts on “Concept Sketch

  1. I liked this straightaway, just as it is. Funny how my perception of it was modified by your description of how you wanted to paint it, and the mention of specific colors. I'm sure it'll be beautiful in color, but the black & white feels right, for me. (But then, I am a creepy chick, so…) 😉

  2. Thanks Mina. Color will be new for me. I'm sort of a creepy chick too when it comes to my art. Love pencil, charcoal, graphite, etc. Sketching and black and white are my love. Not sure yet if I'll even be able to get into working in color and with paint, pastels etc. We'll see. If not…I'll be a black and white girl and love every minute of it. ❤

  3. Thank you JoJo. That's two votes for black and white! I do love my charcoal/pencil stuff. Still going to try my hand with painting and see how it goes but I really like the tree this way too. Was sketching it to get a good grasp of what I was trying for with painting and when I got it done I loved it.

  4. I love it! You can do it! If you're using acrylic paint, it's very forgiving. Don't like it…? Just paint over it and try again. I look forward to seeing it in color!

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