Sharing the Love

There’s an awesome movement going on right now to get more love flowing in the world. It was started by Aine Belton and it’s pretty cool in my book. Please check out the Global Love Project for yourself and see if you might like to do something to spread some goodness. Below are a few pics of my love letter…I’ve made four of them which I’ll be taking out and leaving in random places either later today or tomorrow. Since it’s February, and we all know that it’s a month in which many people’s minds turn to love…I think I’ll do this several times before the month is over. Wish I could take the credit for thinking of this one, but I cannot so…hats off to you Aine.

6 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. That is so cool! I hadn't heard about this. There was something like it on FB last Jan. but whoever set up the event didn't keep it going after that. I did paint stones and leave them around my hometown and here in BBay but it seemed that people were reluctant to pick them up. Like they were expecting to get in trouble or thought someone was watching them (yes, me. lol)

  2. JoJo, Love your idea about the stones! Giggling a bit thinking about watching people want to pick them up and looking around to see if anyone was watching lol. I'll be doing more things throughout the month and will post about it. Almost hate to do that because I don't want it to seem like I'm saying 'hey look how sweet I am'. Just hoping to help this idea catch on and get more people smiling and raising a more loving consciousness. ❤

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