Window Into My Day

Today got off to a slow start…just was having too nice of a time lounging happily this morning. But, the afternoon has finally found me getting a little ambition! Got some veggies today and also had some here that needed to be taken care of, so I’ve spent part of it preparing them for the freezer.

While those were cooking, I did some cleaning and a little reading in a very cool book by Sark that I picked up the other day. Also have done a little knitting…almost finished with the mate to the gauntlet which I posted a photo of yesterday. Still have one more batch of greens to take care of. Just not today! Also went for a walk with my sister today, which I desperately needed and it was fun…thanks sis.

I still have a post brewing in the back of my mind, which I made reference to the other day…a post about growing spiritually and emotionally. Do not be surprised if it’s a little raw…not all kittens and rainbows…but do know that it will be something which is intended to hopefully help some of you to get into touch with yourselves a little better…as I have been. I feel the need to talk about things realistically and very honestly these days, which is (usually) a good thing. I should make clear though that it isn’t going to be negative in tone, nor is it going to be a whiny bitch-fest. Not going to say much more about it right now. What would be the fun in giving it away?

Okay, here are a few photos of my day…before I sign off to go get my fingers into something else.

Butternut Squash-now ready for a future soup 
Kale – Yum
Oven roasting zucchini with olive oil, fresh pressed garlic, and minced onion
The awesome Sark book…love her! Anything with the words wild woman in it thrills me these days, but this book really is cool. 
The almost finished gauntlets…yay!
Lit some incense and thought I’d show you the baby herbs. They’re coming along great, ‘cept for the chives…hope they make it. The cute little hedghog hiding back there belonged to my mom. 😉 

13 thoughts on “Window Into My Day

  1. Hi MiMi! Thanks, I'm happy too…and also happy about how things are going with you, except for your being sick right now…not happy bout that. Squash is yummy for sure. You're quite inspirational yourself there MiMi! ❤

  2. Mmm… your veggie photos are making me hungry.An emotionally raw post? Go for it! I get plenty of kittens and rainbows on the rest of the internet. A little grit makes for a nice change of pace.

  3. Too bad you're so far away Spark…I'd make you a plate. 🙂 Thanks for your support about the upcoming post. It's still a work in progress. It isn't easy but sometimes it feels necessary. We'll see how things shake out.

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