Creative Spirit in Motion

Today got off to a little bit of a slow start, but it’s picking up nicely. I made it out for my daily walk…after almost talking myself out of it and I’m glad that I did. When I got back inside, I finally sat down and worked up the middle version of a sketch that’s been in my head and on an index card in pen for several days. This is going to be primarily a photo post, because I’d rather show you then tell you how my day is taking shape.

Love misty days like this! Started the sketch in this post days ago, but could this be the inspiration for it? 

I bought this as a gift for someone, and I’m skimming through it to see if I want my own copy. So far, me likes. 
This scene has been stuck in my head for days. It started out on an index card with pen a few nights ago. It’s evolved, but I’m still not sure what else I’m going to do with it.
Triangle shawl I started the other night
It broke my heart *snort* to have to buy this gorgeous circular to accommodate the stitches for the shawl. 😉 

The natural world is sacred to me, which is why my space is filled with items which come from and represent it. Since I’ve spent some time engaged here today, I thought I’d include a few photos. 

Photo 2

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