Out With The Old…In With The Now

In my last post, I wrote about being sick. Let me tell you, this is the sickest I’ve been in years! I’ve been so knocked for a loop that it didn’t even occur to me until last night that New Year’s Eve was upon us. There was a vague glimmer in the back of my mind that it was coming up, but the reality of how rapidly it was approaching was way beyond me. So, all of a sudden I found myself thinking about the year behind me…and wondering how well I had kept to my theme for the year. You see, in late 2011, I had read a post on my friend Tabitha’s blog in which she had declared a word for the year of 2012. Of course I became enamored of the idea and had to do it myself. However, I couldn’t remember what intention I had set.

This morning I went back through old blog posts here to try to find it because I was sure that I had done it. For the life of me, it wasn’t showing up and I was about to call the search off when I found it, about thirty minutes ago. My words for 2012 were ‘Claim It’. After finding that post, I spent a little time thinking about whether I had lived my life in a way which gave meaning to those words over the past 12 months and the answer to that is a resounding yes.

Here is a little list of some of the claiming I’ve done in the past year:

  • Respect for myself, by both myself and others. 
  • Embracing my quirks as the gifts that they are instead of being ashamed of them.
  • Loving myself fully, without conditions.
  • Not looking for approval from others in what I choose to do or not to do.
  • Letting go of the fear of the unknown to move to a new city. 
  • Gave up smoking cigarettes. 
  • Refusing to live inside of unhealthy relationships, no matter who the person is.
It has only been within the past week that I’ve realized how much ground I’ve really covered this year. Some parts of this journey were intimidating…no, they were downright scary. There were times in which I felt paralyzed with fear and had all sorts of emotions that I hadn’t felt in a really long time. To be honest, there were a lot of things which I hadn’t felt in a really long time. For the longest time I had been living with parts of myself completely shut down due to past experiences, however something finally clicked and I realized what I had done and knew that this wasn’t what I wanted. 
Little by little, I allowed these parts of me to slowly open back up. At times I felt as though I was going out of my mind because I had been living in a state of numb denial for so long that feeling real feelings was completely foreign. It frightened me a bit really. What it all boils down to in the end is that all of the claiming led to my claiming of the most important thing…myself. So, what’s my plan for 2013?
It’s simple really. To take root and live fully in all that I am and all that I will continue to become. So, my word for 2013 is Experience. My only intention for this year is to experience life in action, feeling, spirit, and creation. So while I cannot even begin to tell you what is going to come out of it, I know without a doubt that it will be my best stuff ever because it’s going to be wholly real and fully me.

What’s your plan for the upcoming year? 


10 thoughts on “Out With The Old…In With The Now

  1. I try to not make advance plans anymore b/c when they don't come together, I get frustrated and upset and stressed out. I am glad you are feeling better finally though. I remember 20 years ago on NYE, I was extremely sick w/ bronchitus but I wanted to follow thru w/ a trip up to Ft. Bragg (I was living in San Francisco at the time). We drove the 3 hours north in a horrid rain storm, only to turn around and come home at 2 AM b/c I was so, so sick. We rolled into SF close to 6 AM and Brian dropped me off at the hospital ER & went home to unpack the car & get the apt. warmed up. I was in bed for a few days!

  2. Love this, Tracy. Yikes, I'm sick again too. Bronchitis I had a few weeks ago is back with a vengeance. So sorry you've been sick as well. Here's to a healthier new year for both of us.Karen

  3. JoJo, that sounds like an icky NYE for sure! I am slowly coming back to life here. Still pretty sick and feeling drained, but I'll take the improvement gratefully. Yeah well, I have not made any specific plans for 2013…it's more of a commitment to live life on my own terms and enjoy every moment of it. ❤

  4. Experience – that's perfect! I can't think of a better approach. Although if I was going to pick a phrase instead of a word it would be the old favourite:God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference.(From The Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr)

  5. I love that you can actually go back over the past year and see your progress. I am hoping to do the same this year. In 2013 my word is "creativity" because I know that all I envision for my little corner of the world will come from my creativity and it will be beyond anything I can possibly imagine. Creativity is key for me. – Hope you're feeling better! And Happy New Year!

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