Tarot for the Day of December 22, 2012

This card shows things moving swiftly. You can expect to move away from problems. The passage card also holds the possibility of travel. You will find yourself feeling interested and inspired by things which are unusual and mysterious. Instead of ignoring that, let yourself be inspired by the out of the ordinary and you will experience personal growth and even find yourself meeting new people and doing new things as a result. Allow yourself to operate on several levels of awareness so that you will find new ways to communicate your ideas. 

8 thoughts on “Tarot for the Day of December 22, 2012

  1. I really would love to see a break from problems….that would be awesome. Like for example if I can get out of jury duty, and if I can get at least a part time job. As for the travel, funny that's part of this reading. Not for me, but my honey may be accompanying his son to Ohio, where he wants to move, in a couple months.

  2. JoJo, I wish that I could tell you that the things you are hoping for would happen immediately. I do hope that there will be a solution to your financial difficulties soon. Ohio? What part of it? I've lived in a few different cities around Ohio. Canton…liked it (20 yrs ago), Cleveland…yuck! (6 years ago), Columbus…liked a lot (4 years ago).

  3. I am an idiot….I looked up a Carlisle Road that's in Columbus. Carlisle is closer to the Indiana border, southwest of Dayton. I think we will probably pay for him to fly there and ship his stuff since he doesn't have a car. It'd be way cheaper to ship his stuff and fly him than rent a car.

  4. JoJo! You're not an idiot. I prefer the term airhead…for myself that is. I have a lot of those moments so being an airhead must be a good thing right? πŸ˜‰ So you can join my club if you like.About the move…sounds like it would be cheaper. That's long way to drive and rent cars etc.

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