Tarot of the Day for December 20, 2012

Begin to understand the value of the neutral, creative state of being today. It’s a great time to center yourself and work on building positive patterns. This card also highlights artistic skills, which include all forms of the arts…painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, music, etc. Be sure to pay attention to the details in your work. Also start moving toward what works and away from what doesn’t instead of trying to force things. There are great potential benefits to be had by following the advice of today’s card. 

4 thoughts on “Tarot of the Day for December 20, 2012

  1. I just for some reason feel like I'm falling into that abyss again…I love this reading but it's getting harder for me to stay positive… I'm very sad. 😦

  2. Sorry to hear that JoJo. Is there any way for you to see anyone to talk about this? Sounds like maybe you need some help over the hump. Sure hope that things pick up soon! *big hug*

  3. I feel much better today…I was just feeling a little insecure but now that my guy is home with me and showering me with affection, I feel 100x better.

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