Tarot of the Day for December 19, 2012

You can experience healing today by communicating positive emotions and feelings to someone close to you. It’s a good time to find like-minded people so that you can have an outlet to open up and share your thoughts and ideas. Work and connect with people and things that you love and which fill you with positive feelings today. Concentrate on surrounding and filling yourself with positive energy and you will find that you will experience feelings of abundance. By changing the energy in and around ourselves we can enrich every aspect of our lives both inside and out. Begin today to incorporate positive practices into your life…in thought, communication, and action. 
Abundance begins on the inside. This concept is a hard one for many of us to wrap our brains around. This is partly because we tend to think of abundance in strictly material terms when there is so much more to it. It is so difficult to manifest abundance in our outside world if we are filled and surrounded with negative energy. When we are filled with negative energy, we project it and attract more of the same. It is the same with positive energy…when we fill ourselves with it, we project it and attract more of it too. Our state of mind is a very powerful thing. 

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