Tarot of the Day for December 13, 2012

This is a card of productivity. It also signals cyclic growth and longevity. All of us will have a day in which we are fairly unstoppable with new ideas, plans, and projects in the works. This is a good time to begin making changes in habits, attitudes, and reckless behaviors you might be harboring. It would also be a good idea to spend some time in nature today even if only briefly to get in touch with the earth, letting it’s energy and grounding ability help us to accomplish our tasks with more ease. We truly do function better when living more harmoniously with the natural world. This is how humanity lived for way longer than we live today. For the city dwellers out there who get the willies even thinking about being in nature…I’m not talking about anything drastic here. It isn’t that we need to hike ten miles into the wilderness to connect with the earth. We can even do it in the middle of the city by taking the time to feel the wind on our faces, paying attention to the birds and/or squirrels, touching a tree, etc. It’s important that we realize and appreciate the connection between ourselves, our planet, and each other. 


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