Tarot Coming Back Tonight…With A Change

After taking a break from the tarot, I have decided to bring this feature of the blog back tonight. Instead of doing it weekly as I had been for a while though, I’ve decided to go back to doing it daily as I had for a very long time in my early blogging days. I find myself looking for sources of inspiration and guidance daily as of late and I am sure that I am not the only one who has this need right now. It is exciting to be going back to my roots a little bit here and hopefully this will be a feature which will be of help and comfort to many of you. 

Look for each day’s card to be posted as early in the day as possible, hopefully a little after midnight on most days. I wish to thank so many of you for hanging in there with me for the past several months. It has been a very hectic, transitional (and even traumatic at times) period in my life and I am excited about moving on and jumping into this new chapter of life as fully and joyfully as possible.  I am going to make this a fairly short post and will be back later tonight with our first card of the day for Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Tarot Coming Back Tonight…With A Change

  1. Hi Bro 🙂 Just didn't have it in me for a while, but thankfully have gotten the spark to do readings back. As for the picture…lol…if I had knowingly stolen your pic I would gladly admit it, but I have had this pic stored on two different computers now and used it on a blog which I had and deleted before we met. Sorry to disappoint, but maybe I'll steal something from your blog another day. Hope that you are doing okay. I am slowly getting better from the laryngitis. You'll be among the first that I call when I am. *hugs*

  2. Okay… I'll believe you. This time lol. Talk about weird coincidences then haha.I'm doing good. Better everyday (except for a step back now and then. But that's Norbert.) Glad to hear that you're getting better! And don't worry if we have to go awhile without talking. Remember, you have to take care of yourself first, and that's the medicine man's orders :-pLove you Sis!Eternally Blessed Be (and)Live to love while Loving to live.

  3. It is funny that we have both used this same pic Bro. Yes, I read your post the other day about feeling discouraged that your move to Texas is ever going to happen. That's exactly how I was feeling about moving here and look where I'm at. It's okay to feel a little discouraged, but please do not give up on your dream. Keep trying, even if it seems as though you've already tried a thousand times. One of these tries is going to be THE one. Glad to know that you're doing well otherwise though. Norbert…haha…for sure. What a guy that Norbert is eh? 😉 I am definitely taking care of myself and have to tell you that it feels really good to do so with no guilt. Love you too Bro!Blessed Be )O(

  4. Now anyone who reads about Norbert is going to think we're crazy or psychotic. I guess that's just us. I will, I never gave up before, why start now? Eternally Blessed Be. Love you sis.

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