Wishcasting Wednesday…What Clarity Do You Wish For?

Before jumping into the post, I want to make a note here. For the time being, I am going to continue to participate in Wishcasting Wednesday just for my own personal growth. Maybe I’ll get back around to getting involved in posting my link on the site and visiting the blogs of the others…and there are many blogs there which I really enjoy…but for the time being, I just do not have the time to go blog hopping.

This week Jamie asks, ‘What clarity do you wish for?’. Nice question!

I wish for continued and expanded clarity in regards my spiritual/creative/personal growth and development. The past few months have gifted me with some very important insights and it is my sincerest intention to follow through and continue working and walking on this new positive path.

A lot of my viewpoints have changed…about what is truly important, what I really want from this life, what I have to offer in this life…you get the drift. What matters is that we are true to the call of our inner spirit. When we are true to this, everything else falls into place. We let go of giving way too much importance to outer appearances and the opinions of others. We also let go of a lot of the judgments we hold, sometimes without even realizing it. What is true for ourselves is true for everyone else…we all walk this path individually in the end. Sure, we can connect with kindred spirits and do our part to raise the energy around us. However, it is important to realize that we do not need to be overly concerned with what anyone else is doing on their own path. We can appreciate the good…the beautiful…find the inspiration…then let it all go. So many of us get caught up in comparisons and trying to make everything and everyone fit into a mold which meshes with our understanding and beliefs…and it just isn’t important or fair to do that. Now, I’m not saying that we stand by and do nothing when someone is doing something which is truly harmful. Other than that though why should we care or waste precious time and energy in trying to make someone else fit into our scheme? This has been the direction of my personal and even spiritual growth.

As far as creativity goes, I’ve begun taking my knitting in bolder directions. It’s still early stages there, but rest assured that I will post photos when I get some of these ideas out of my head and into the real world. For the longest time I’ve been struggling with my writing…at least of the creative sort. So, instead of trying to push myself in a direction which just isn’t feeling natural to me at the moment, I’ve decided to give my first love in writing another go…poetry. This just came to me yesterday so there is a lot of work coming to get things flowing and onto paper. It’s been quite some time since I’ve given myself over to the poetic muse and I’m looking forward to that.

I also have some ideas about sketches…and that’s another thing I haven’t worked with for quite some time and am looking forward to. I may even try my hand with other media, but this hasn’t come together in my mind yet. I’ll just let it float around and see what pops up…if anything.

There is one thing which I’ve been saying for over a year now and am still not pleased with myself about, which is meditation. I keep promising myself to get there, and this is one area which I truly wish for clarity in. I want to understand where the block is coming from so that I can do something about removing it! It’ll get there in time…if I just slow down and let it happen which is something which has recently become crystal clear…the importance of slowing down and simply being. Now that I am on this track, I feel good things coming.

I’m still doing well with my daily exercise routine and am also still smoke free! Woohoo!!!

This post has turned into something a lot longer than I intended, which is usually what happens when I get started on one of Jamie’s perfect questions. So, I will leave this for now and get busy on some of those projects. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday…What Clarity Do You Wish For?

  1. Keep up the great work building a better you!! Esp. for not smoking. VERY happy to hear that! Meditation though – always been very hard for me. I either fall asleep or bagging it after less than 5 minutes.

  2. That was a tough question, mostly because I can't think of any aspect of life in which more clarity would be unwelcome. Well, I suppose becoming more aware of one's own shortcomings would be a mixed blessing, but still. In the end I'd have to grudgingly welcome it.

  3. Thank you JoJo. I am very happy to be smoke free and still going strong. I love meditation but have been out of practice for so long that I am finding myself needing to do guided meditations instead of just doing it on my own as I used to do. It's all good though. 🙂

  4. I know what you mean Spark! Your answer is very interesting. After all if we are not aware of our shortcomings, how can we work on them or at least learn to let go and move on to the things which we are better with?

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