Tarot for the Week of October 28 – November 3, 2012

You begin to understand that value of the neutral, creative state of being, where you can operate from a place of being centered. This is a good time to harvest the benefits of an artistic skill. Do not push or force things this week. Instead, be sure that you attend to every detail. Move away from things which do not work and toward things which do.

Be careful of your words this week. There is a real possibility of haste words creating a long term rift, or even worse the end of a friendship or job. This card indicates a time of loneliness which can be used to your advantage by spending it in study and/or spiritual seeking. If you use your time in this way, you can permanently end unproductive ties, habits, or life cycles.

Do not try to get ahead through deception this week! If you do attempt this, it will be brought into the open and bring real consequences. There is also a chance that poor past choices may come back into your life. Instead of trying to deny them, face them. This card can also indicate that there is someone in your life who is deceiving you for their own gain. More than anything else, this card tells us to open our eyes and face reality or prepare to pay a steeper price in the future.

This will be a great week for solitary, creative pursuits. So, spend time working on the creative interests of your choice, as well as putting some thought into how you can use these skills to better your life. It’s also a good time to work on letting go of things which are not in our best interests; such as habits or ties to people. If we spend time this week alone studying and in spiritual search we can end old cycles and move forward to a much better place in our lives. It’s impossible for most of us to spend an entire week in isolation, so keep in mind that when you are interacting with others to be honest and to think about your words before they come out of your mouth. The last card also shows the possibility that there may be someone in your life who is not being honest with you, and is using the relationship in some way to benefit themselves with no regard for you. Try to spend as much time as you can by yourself this week, both working on yourself and opening your eyes to see the truth behind the situations and people in your life. Even though these cards do not seem very positive, we are presented with a fantastic opportunity to move past some of the hurdles in our lives, as well as figuring out ways to succeed in the pursuits which are nearest to our hearts, and to see phenomenal spiritual growth.

1 thought on “Tarot for the Week of October 28 – November 3, 2012

  1. With this storm coming, I will probably just be busy doing crafts and getting ready for my craft show on 11/10!! Good advice about keeping my mouth shut….I have been under a lot of stress/pressure and I am so close to telling my family to fuck off. Better not do that eh? And I sure hope no one is trying to use me or is lying to me. I always believe the best about people & trust them & get burned from time to time.

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