Tarot for the Week of October 14-20, 2012

This card reminds us that the only thing in life which is certain and continuous is change. If we embrace that fact, our awareness and abilities are expanded. The constant motion of change creates harmony by presenting new opportunities and situations. Drawing this card signals that the new opportunities which are on the way in the near future must be acted upon quickly. Focus on harmonious change because we will have to deal with several situations and choices this week.

We will be given the opportunity to learn and benefit from self control this week. There will be chances to advance ourselves and to gain valuable knowledge. However if we aren’t exercising self discipline we will not make the right choices to make the advances which will be available for us.

Good things are on the way and a period of happiness will be replacing the time of struggle many of us have been going through. We have to make sure that we use common sense, because we will have more than one possibility appear, but only one will be the right one. If you’ve been pouring yourself into positive efforts, know that success is now possible.

This week’s reading is very clear. It shows that we will be presented with real opportunities for change for the betterment of our lives. It also shows us the way to take advantage of these opportunities. Embrace the changes, practice self control, and use common sense. This should be a wonderful week as long as we make sure that we are putting our efforts into positive thought, attitude, and action.

8 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of October 14-20, 2012

  1. Great reading. I think the key is to keep the positive thoughts flowing this week. Any negativity at all in thought attitude or action will undo all the good. I look forward to the changes coming…<3

  2. JoJo, I'm sorry you've been going through a rough time there. Even though it might feel impossible, please try to keep positive thoughts and energy flowing this week so that things will stand a chance of turning around. I'll be sending some positive energy your way. 🙂

  3. Hi Sister 🙂 Yep, staying positive is definitely going to be the key. You are so right about allowing negativity in being a catalyst to undoing the good in life. It can be hard at times to see the positive in life when we are going through times that are difficult, but that is when it is the most important. Easier said than done…I know. I am looking forward to the changes too! ❤

  4. I came back to read this one and I have to say; it describes this past week perfectly. Thank you my Sister-Friend (you're more deserving of this title than I can ever thank you for… and now I'm tearing up… again)

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