Moving Day Is Almost Here And A Decision

The time has been flying by here! Moving is very time consuming, not to mention crazy making. With getting everything packed up and trying to make sure that I haven’t been forgetting some important detail, I haven’t known whether I am coming or going over the past several weeks. Everything seems to be under control at this point which makes me happy since moving day is in four more short days. There are a few last minute things to do, but compared to what’s already been done it should be easy. This will more than likely be my last post until the move is complete and I’ve had some time to settle in and get things done there, which leads right into my decision.

Keeping the blog going has been a big challenge for me over the past many months for so many reasons. My life was in a state of limbo…not feeling fulfilled in my present environment and not knowing when the move was going to happen made it difficult to come up with material which was inspired or inspiring to others in any way. Yes, I had fallen into a funk of sorts. In the past two months I even wondered whether I was going to continue blogging at all once I moved because I just wasn’t satisfied with the quality of material presented here.

Well, I have decided that I will be blogging after the move. Why? The city which I am moving to has all of the elements I have ever had on a wish list of things which I feel that I need to grow and live to more fully step into my own shoes. Yes, I am aware that what we need in life comes from within. However, I also believe that there comes a point in which we need to have the proper elements in which to put what we learn and who we are into practice. We have to be able to be fully ourselves and have opportunities to express that person in our daily lives. This is something which I have not had in many years and have felt so stuck and stifled that there have been times when I have to admit that I’ve all but given up.

So, it seems to me that the time to blog is now, since I am moving to this wonderful place which is filled with so many of the things that I need to be nourished. This will be the time in which I will have the experiences and inner peace needed in order to share with all of you the things which are already there inside of me. Plus, it really helps that I had a dream just last night about this. It was a fantastic dream in which I was living out my life in the way that I’ve craved for so long. At the end of the dream, I saw myself sitting down at my desk to write a blog post about what I had been learning. Upon waking, it was apparent that my answer was clear!

I truly hope that all of you are well and are doing things which give you the joy which comes from living your life on your terms…that you are filling your minds and hearts with the things which help you to grow in both wisdom and happiness. Well, it’s time for me to go for now. I’ll see all of you again real soon…from my new home.

14 thoughts on “Moving Day Is Almost Here And A Decision

  1. Oh I am SO happy you're going to continue to blog!!! You have so much to offer and I am so appreciative that you are willing to share! Don't you dare leave us! – I'm excited for your move and so happy that your new surroundings will provide all that you need. 🙂

  2. Aww thanks MiMi! Your kind and encouraging words mean a lot to me. I'll be catching up with your blog once I get settles in. It's been several weeks since I've been there, but last time I was it seemed like you had a lot going on…and I was happy to see that most of it looked like it was the good stuff which you deserve. That made me happy! Hope that the goodness in your life is still continuing.

  3. I know Sister! It's so exciting!!! Still wrapping my head around it all. New home, new city…and the best part…will be seeing you in just a few days. Woooohooooooooooooo 🙂 Love you.

  4. Sorry for scaring you Spark! The way things were going at the old place just didn't make for a good blogging environment. There was nothing going on to write about plus I have to admit that I had gotten very unhappy. Not a good mix, and I certainly didn't want to come to the blog to do nothing but whine and complain…blech! Things are awesome here so far and I am feeling a full comeback coming on. 🙂 Hope you are well my friend.

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