Tarot for the Week of August 19 – 25, 2012

A cycle has ended and a place of completion and reward will soon be reached. You will find yourself reaching an important step in the area of spiritual growth.

You have progressed to a time of renewal…a new cycle of life. This may be a change of consciousness, a chance which will alter the way you live your life and how goals and desires are viewed. You may have felt like you have recently awakened from a time of non-spiritual or unhealthy living. The opportunity to be reborn is at hand, but you have to make the decision to make positive changes.

This card is one of new beginnings, enterprises, invention, and creation as well as spiritual awakening and self discovery. Allow yourself to be who and what you are. Enjoy being in the moment. You may find yourself better understanding others as well as your own inner self. This card also reminds us to tap into the the energy of the feminine divine and draw from the boundless source of Oneness.

The cards this week show that we have entered a new cycle in our lives. One of new beginnings; spiritual maturation, creativity, enterprise, and self discovery is upon us. We have to make a conscious decision to make positive changes in our lives for this new cycle to be truly successful. It’s time to be exactly who we are and to live joyfully by learning to enjoy being in the moment. Let go of unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and actions which are not productive and loving as these belong in the old cycle. Tapping into the energy of the feminine divine can be helpful in beginning this promising new phase.


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