Sharing Life Through Pictures

Things have been so busy around here lately that I haven’t had time for much at all, including being online or posting here. I have taken some photos over the past several weeks and thought that I would come here and share some of them with you. I’m pretty sure that I posted about a nasty storm which came through not long ago, so I’m including some of the ones of the damage left behind, which has all been cleaned up. To be honest, I forgot that I had them on the camera until I had gone outside last night and saw the most brilliant sky that I can remember seeing here in a very long time and had to get some shots of it. I hope that you enjoy the pictures. Know that I will be back here posting more regularly as soon as possible.

On a happier note, here are a few of a little visitor on the porch a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool to see this, because I hadn’t seen one in years. Following those are a few of the sky last night. 
See you all again soon!


10 thoughts on “Sharing Life Through Pictures

  1. Beautiful sky shots. Love the praying mantis. OMG! The yard looks horrible. Have the trees come back at all or are they destroyed? Glad it is all cleaned up.

  2. Thank sister. Yep it was pretty bad. Of course the tree that got all blown down is finished for this year, but it should come back next season. The dogwood looks like it will make it. It is straightening back up a lot compared the the pic.

  3. Thanks JoJo! Yes, it was a praying mantis. I was shocked to see it because it has been so many years since I had seen one. Yes, I've seen some of your recent sunset photos…beautiful!

  4. Spark it was breathtaking. We do not see skies that color that often where I live now, so it was a real treat. I agree that praying mantis' are way cool! Glad I was able to get a few pics of this one before it left.

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