Tarot for the Week of July 29 – August 4, 2012

Take action by moving toward what you want. Trust your intuition to lead you in the right direction. Make sure that you honor your vision this week and allow yourself to follow synchronicity. Don’t be afraid to defend yourself and stand by your values. You will be able to hold your own against anything or anyone.

This card brings the experience of cold realizations, where you see people for what they really are. Yes, this is sometimes painful but it also makes it a good time to let go of the past and all of the old hurts and disappointments which usually come with relationships that weren’t really healthy in the first place. This card can also signal the possibility that we will allow ourselves to be cut off from our inner voice and find ourselves in a spiritual void. Make a conscious effort to let go of negative relationships and messages (both external and internal).

The knowledge card tells us to learn to use our intuition and express our ideas and talents, taking time to remove obstacles and barriers which may present themselves. This is also a time of revelation, in which we will be able to see the true motivations of others and know whether or not they are as they’ve portrayed themselves to be. Wisdom has the capacity to either be stabilizing or tumultuous, and which way it goes depends upon the individual. You could find yourself highly interested in spiritual matters this week. Above all else, the knowledge card is a card of commitment to ourselves. Move past your upbringing and begin to honor the sacred within.

Part of this week’s reading may make it seem as though this is going to be a bad week. While parts of it are not going to be easy, it definitely isn’t bad. A great deal of how things turn out and feel depends upon how you perceive them. Just because that initial glimpse or surge of feeling isn’t as we’ve always wanted it to be, or thought that it should be, the hard truth is always for our best in the long run. This will be a time of clarity…a time to see things and people for what they really are. Sometimes this can be very difficult to swallow and it may seem easier to dance around the truth to avoid conflicts and hurt which can sometimes come with the truth. The great thing about this reading is that the very first card assures us that we will have it within us to defend ourselves and stand by our values. Even though there may be painful realizations this week, we do not have to allow what we learn and see to consume us. Be strong and use your intuition…listen to that voice in your gut, which will steer you in the right direction, knowing that when the dust settles it will always be for the best when we honor ourselves. Avoid the possibility of going into a spiritual void as a result of disappointment in others when seeing them as they truly are this week by allowing your interest and curiosity in spiritual matters to thrive. Study something, read a book, spend time in meditation, etc. This week will pave the way for a better, more powerful time in which we can move ahead knowing that we are living our own truth.


4 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of July 29 – August 4, 2012

  1. Yes…I have a feeling my honey and I may disagree strongly on how much money his son is gonna ask for to pay for a car he desperately wants. I'm already anticipating this….We are NEVER gonna get ahead if he keeps caving in and giving out tons of money to him. I'm gonna have to hold my ground on this issue. If we hadn't just footed the bill for his trip to Florida that'd be one thing, but there's no way we can afford $1800 for this car.As to the 2nd card…I already had this come to light when I got a letter from my exhusband, asking me to return the jewelry he gave me or give him the cash value of it. I thought the letter would be him apologizing for his share in our demise, and thanking me for taking care of our dogs. Blew my mind that all he wanted was money.

  2. This is a great reading. I see only positive things ahead. It is good to clean house and get rid of the old. Even though it may be a little scary, it is all for the best in the end.

  3. JoJo, that's always a tough one…dealing with kids, no matter what. I wish you luck with this situation and hope that you can get your point across in a way that isn't going to boil over. I really do not know the circumstances behind all of this, but I am getting the impression that this is an older kid who maybe needs to learn to stand on his own a little more? No matter what though, this kind of stuff is always hard to handle. As for the letter from the ex. Hope you either didn't reply to that or simply told him that you wouldn't be doing that. He has a lot of nerve to even as you this. Wow! Just keep taking deep breaths and follow your intuition and what it tells you is right for you, as well as what lessons are hidden in all of this. *HUGS*

  4. Hi Sister, thanks. Same here, I am seeing lots of positive. Just have to make it through some challenges to get to the good stuff. Sometimes it is scary, but I am learning to welcome it so that I can learn what needs to be learned. That way we can move ahead in the best possible way for ourselves. Love you.

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