Guest Post by Evangeline…Roses

I’m pleased to present another post by Evangeline. This time she has written about a beautiful topic…Roses! Without further adieu here it is.


6 thoughts on “Guest Post by Evangeline…Roses

  1. Brilliant! People around here make rose hip jelly. It's not something I've seen much away from this region. 15,000 types? WOW!As soon as I get ahold of a single white rose, I'm gonna try the trick of turning it rainbow by carefully cutting the stalk into strips and then placing them in 5 or 6 separate cups of water with food colouring in it.

  2. Hi JoJo! Thanks for stopping by Evangeline's post and leaving a comment. Please update us when you try the rose experiment. Very curious myself to see how that turns out. 🙂

  3. Hi Mina! You're request has been forwarded along. She may not get it till next week, but I have asked her. Thanks…that would be interesting. I like Gerbera Daisies too!

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