Guest Post by Evangeline…Goblin Shark

Today we have another guest post by Evangeline. This time she teaches us about a rare species of shark, called the goblin shark. I have to tell you that I think that this post is really cool and interesting. Once again, she has done a fantastic job. For more of Evangeline’s work which is available at her family’s website, so here. There’s all kinds of great stuff over there, both from her and her amazing mother.

In case you’re wondering, the amount of teeth in this drawing are no exaggeration! Don’t take our word for it…do an image search. Fierce looking!


10 thoughts on “Guest Post by Evangeline…Goblin Shark

  1. Yet they are no risk to humans! I never even heard of these beasties before. Thank you Evangeline! Right now coastal Cape Cod is having some great white shark issues! Scary!

  2. I never heard of Goblin Sharks before. Really great info:) The only issue I have with sharks are they are in the water where I swim! We have bull sharks here.Thanks Evangeline

  3. LOL Mina…I reckon that I'll steer clear of them as well. Very formidable looking aren't they? Thank you for commenting on Evangeline's post. I'll be sure to let her know that you stopped by. πŸ™‚

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