Tarot for the Week of June 24 – 30, 2012

The chaotic energy of recent times is finally calming down. This week will usher in a time of more balance. Take this opportunity to redirect your life. You may find guidance in dreams and hunches. Happiness and prosperity are ready to replace feelings of lack. Strive to create balance in your actions so that you can continue to ride this wave of goodness into the future. This card also indicates possible romance.

Opportunities for new beginnings will arrive this week. Use them wisely to create a better life for yourself. Set some goals and take action to achieve them. This is a great time to explore and develop your talents. Take the initiative and prepare yourself to make things happen.

This is a card of new enterprises, creation, spiritual awakening, and self discovery. Tune into your inner voice and bring your creative energy to life. Begin this week to allow yourself to be exactly who and what you are. Learn to enjoy being in the moment. If you’ve been trying to better understand yourself and others, you will have more success at doing so.

The stage will be set this week to see things calming down in a good way. It’s time to redirect your energy and usher in a time of prosperity, happiness, and an all around better life. Do this by being true to who you are, listening to your intuition, working on your talents, actively pursuing goals, being creative, and learning to live in and enjoy being in the here and now. The combination of these cards indicate that the circumstances will be right this week to truly start down the road to fulfillment. This doesn’t mean that things are simply going to fall into your lap though. There will be work involved, and not just for a little while. These cards indicate a real opportunity for deep and meaningful change. Key words to remember this week are balance, harmony, and wisdom. Also, tap into your spiritual side for help in ushering in this new beginning.


8 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of June 24 – 30, 2012

  1. Great reading and truer words have never been spoken. Just because the time is right doesn't mean it will just happen, you have to take the right steps and the initiative in order for things to fall into place. I have to remember to listen better to my inner voice and my dreams. Sometimes a person has the tendency to just brush it under the rug and ignore it. I must stop doing that. Thank you Tracy.

  2. Julie, you really are one of those people with an amazing inner voice. I've also always admired your fantastic dreams and ability to figure out what they mean. You truly are amazing and can do anything you set your mind to.

  3. Another awesome reading that I can relate to my life!!! The 'calming down' thing is unbelievably accurate. I've been so stressed about making rent and the rest of the month's bills. But we not only made the bills, I have enough left over to get my car fixed and the pups' nails trimmed at last.

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