Guest Post by Evangeline…Rabbits

It’s time for another fantastic guest post by Evangeline! I so love her posts which are so wonderfully drawn and filled with interesting facts. This time, she has done a post on rabbits. I was excited when she told me that she was thinking about doing a post on them, because I have always loved rabbits. As a child, we had a lot of rabbits and I adored all of them, but will never forget one particular rabbit. My uncle bought him for me…Smoky was a gorgeous grey angora rabbit. Yes, I know…Smoky…real original name for a grey rabbit huh? Gimme a break…I was only around seven or eight years old! Anyway, Smoky was such a sweet rabbit and so incredibly soft. So, when Evangeline said that she would like to do this particular project it made me smile and brought back loads of good memories. Okay…enough about me! Here is Evangeline’s awesome rabbit project:

Did not know about the teeth! Also find it interesting and amusing to know that they do not vomit. 🙂 
Okay, when I saw the bit about eating their own poop I shot coffee out of my nose. Glad I never saw Smoky doing that!


8 thoughts on “Guest Post by Evangeline…Rabbits

  1. Smoky was a beautiful bunny! And Gack!!! eating their own crap! Nice job Evangeline! I look forward to your next post. Now I must get busy on my veggies and quit playing!

  2. What do you mean they can't eat carrots???? I knew that about the teeth, that's why they need something to gnaw on all the time, and I think I knew that about the poop b/c our rabbit used to do that. Clover was her name. She was soooo cute. Thanks for the info Evangeline! Cute illustrations too!

  3. Yes he was gorgeous wasn't he? I know…LOL…eating the poop…that cracks me up for some bizarre reason. She did do a great job didn't she? Oh yes, your veggies beckon. Talk to you later. 🙂

  4. Hi JoJo, I wondered about that too…the not eating carrots. I am pretty sure that I used to give carrots to my rabbits, but can't remember much…was too young. I'll have to ask her about this and a few other things. Hmmm…maybe a second rabbit post is in order? Awww Clover…that's a cute name! I'll make sure that she reads her comments.

  5. Wonderful post Evangeline! I had no idea that the male and female rabbits were called by different names. Can not wait for your next post.

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