Wishcasting Wednesday…What Belongings Do You Wish For?

This week Jamie threw me for a loop with her question. ‘What belongings do you wish for?’, which she followed up with asking us to remember when we were kids wishing for things. This one is tough for me to answer because belongings are not something which I give a lot of thought to on a normal basis. So…I’m going to put my inner child hat on and have some fun with this.

1. A chaise lounge. I’ve always wanted one…I just adore them. They remind me of ladies in bygone eras, lying on a chaise with a journal. There’s just something classy and luxurious about them.

2. An old fashioned, deep, claw foot bath tub. Years ago, I lived in a apartment that had one and I loved that thing! You could really soak away in there comfortably. The sloped angle to lean against…the depth of the water…heavenly.

3. A really cool illuminated indoor fountain. One which is made well so that you can really hear the water running and which throws shimmering light up onto the ceiling. So relaxing!

4. Some new clothing. Fun and quirky stuff would be awesome.

5. A room lined with shelves. One one wall, I would want the shelves lined with all sorts of delicious books. One the other wall, shelves of yarn…all lined up like a gorgeous textured rainbow.

6. A sewing machine. This has been on my list for a while, but I am not sure if I would really like it or just think I would and cannot see spending the money on something that just might sit there doing nothing.

7. An unlimited supply of crystals, incense, candles, herbs, and art/craft supplies.

8. A printer.

9. Now for the most extravagant one of all…a Mini Cooper.

This was fun, once I allowed myself to get into it! Of course, there were some practical things which I could have listed…but if we’re thinking like kids…why not just let it rip? What belongings do you wish for?


35 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday…What Belongings Do You Wish For?

  1. OK #7 is definitely on my list!!!! lolBut the belongings I want are some of the ones I left w/ my exhusband. It would be one thing if he had moved on w/ his life normally and had an apartment or house. But he got evicted and now he's dying in a hospice, which means all his stuff has been thrown away or sold to pay the back rent he didn't pay. I would really like to have some of those things back but it's too late and it upsets me to think they are gone forever. I could kick myself for not sneaking them out of the house with the rest of my stuff. He never would have realized it till I was long gone. But I tried to do the right thing and be fair. 😦

  2. JoJo, why am I not surprised about #7? lol! I totally get it about trying to be fair and leaving stuff behind with an ex. I did the same thing and my ex ended up getting deported and there went the stuff. Are we related or something?

  3. What a fun and whimsical list of things to wish for!! I really think that I would also like a chaise lounge. Just sounds exotic, right? As you wish, I wish for you as well!!

  4. All very good suggestions. I'd settle for new underwear. Not even fancy underwear. I'd be happy with granny panties that don't have holes in the waist band…

  5. Pretty nice list Tracy! Love the indoor fountain – I can hear it now. For me, a professional grade digital SLR with a telephoto on it so big I could spot a fly at a mile. There are more but I would sound greedy so I'll keep those to myself! πŸ™‚ I wish all on your list – just for you.

  6. Sandra…LOL…yes I suppose that would be nice to have as well. Just wasn't in a practical mood. After all, Jamie told us to remember when we were kids coming up with what we wanted. Hadn't done that in years and it was f-u-n!

  7. Hi Mike! Good to see you around. Thanks…the fountain would be awesome. I used to have one which I loved. It was a glass pyramid and had different colors of light filters which you could change. When I put in the blue and turned off the lights it was like being transported into an underwater world…the ripples of water reflection were everywhere! Very cool it was. You were kind enough to add your energy to my wish, so I will also wish the camera for you. πŸ™‚

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