Tarot for the Week of June 10 – 16, 2012

This week you find yourself intentionally walking in both the world of spiritual power and the tangible world of reality, finding yourself seeking to discover the true nature of the spirit. As you move closer to your calling, you will see a shift in that your daily life will begin to truly reflect your spiritual life as you move closer to it. You will find it easier to implement the perfect timing for your efforts and personal patterns. When you merge thought and feeling together you will find renewed inspiration.

This card symbolizes oneness, and you will find it easier to see yourself as one with all things. Even better is that you will begin to live life from this perspective. To have this card in this week’s reading indicates that this will be a time of renewal and regeneration. You will feel empowered as you begin to do all things in a conscious way. In order for this evolution to be successful, you will need to open your mind and be flexible. You may wish to spend some time alone and meditate on the issue in front of you. This card can be seen as the need to isolate yourself a bit and as a time for learning/training in esoteric matters. This would be a good week to work on being more conscious of and learning from your dreams.

The Sun card indicates that it will be easier at this time to understand the balance of energies. This is a card of creativity and mental prowess. Remember that all good things are achieved through personal effort. This is an especially good time for achievement in studies, especially those which bring darkness to light. This is a card of motivation and liberation where you seek out your own enlightenment…finding your own path.

This will be an excellent week to move toward your calling, to find the way to have your spiritual and daily lives reflect one another. It is a good time for quiet contemplation and study of spiritual/esoteric matters…to begin understanding the oneness of all things…including yourself. When you begin living your life with this understanding you will find that you feel renewed, liberated, and motivated. Seek your path…spend some time in solitary study… be willing to put in the effort needed to find the answers and discovering means to implement them…be thoughtful and actively seek to be enlightened. Do your best to be open minded and flexible as you go through this time. It will serve you well, both in the process of doing this work as well as in the future as you are fully implementing what you learn this week. This is a very powerful combination of cards which point to a tremendous opportunity.


6 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of June 10 – 16, 2012

  1. Fantastic reading and perfect for this week ahead. Block out what has happened and focus on the future and what you need to do to accomplish it. The past couple of days just reinforces how important it is to focus completely during this week that you will have to yourself. Love you loads sister.

  2. Thank you sister. I am definitely blocking it out and looking to the future. You are so right, the last few days have shifted my priorities and in a good way! I love you too and will be so happy to get into all sorts of adventures with you soon.

  3. I'm trying hard to continue the baby steps toward my calling. The demons of despair threaten to block my path, but I don't want to let them win. Knowing the Sun's out there gives me a bit of hope. Thanks for that, Tracy. :-)PS: Have you heard of the Zombie tarot deck that's recently come out???Some Dark Romantic

  4. Mina, it can be really hard sometimes. Those despair beasties are always popping…trying to keep us from moving forward and it sounds like you are doing great with your baby steps. Those tiny steps are way better than letting despair completely knock you down. Sometimes it'll feel like you are knocked down…after all…you are human. Your can do attitude will serve you well my friend!Zombie tarot? No I hadn't heard of it, but it sounds interesting. Will check it out. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂 Do you read cards?

  5. I meant to stop here yesterday but got caught up in crafts all day long. I was wondering if your reading might have anything to do with dreams and sure enough, it did. I swear you and I are on the same wavelength. Kindred spirits we are. I've been having some powerful dreams, processing a lot of stuff….stuff I thought I'd dealt with. And I've been pretty solitary, yesterday and today and am immersing myself in new craft projects.

  6. JoJo, I love days that are caught up in crafts! That sounds like so much fun. Definitely kindred spirits…so glad that our paths have crossed. Wow, stunned at what you've said about the last few days. I swear to you that I am slogging through the same kind of stuff right now. Started with me on Friday I think, but Saturday was the heaviest and yesterday was just a fog. It's getting better now though and hope that it is for you too.

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