Purpose…Lighting Sparks

I’m excited to offer a video for this week’s major post! As you’ve seen by the title, the topic for this week is purpose. Instead of getting wordy here, I’ll just post the video. A link to a PDF text is below.

Here is the link to download the free text from Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/tracy-makara/purpose/ebook/product-20173036.html

Feel free to leave comments and share with me what you think of purpose. I would love to hear your opinions! Also, please share this with whomever you wish to. 

8 thoughts on “Purpose…Lighting Sparks

  1. Absolutely! Changing the world by loving one person at a time is very powerful. Because those few people we touch will each change a few more, and there is a ripple effect that goes on and on.

  2. Spark…yes! Very well said my friend. It is a ripple effect and when we think of it that way, we realize how powerful one person at a time can be. Hope that all is well with you. šŸ™‚

  3. Tracy, kudos to you for this video blog! A number of things you said in it lit some sparks, if you will, in my mind:1. You note it's "not our job" to convince folks to accept the sparks we offer. I would go a step further and say we can't be 100% sure that our spark is right for just anybody. It's right for me, or for you, but however we came to it, we felt it belonged to/with us, so we accepted it. I think there's an arrogance in the way some people try to push their "sparks" on others…better to keep our sparks alive and be good examples to others, who may catch sight of the shiny goodness and ask for a hit as well.2. One of the things which most concerns me about the world is how folks think it's their "purpose" to judge others. Not only the far right or the near right, but the far/near left as well. As a species, we hen-peck to death a person for being wrong or "other." So many faiths and so many schools of philosophy encourage us to be compassionate, and yet so many jump to ride the Contempt Train. Sort of connected to what you'd said about seeing others as "unworthy" of our efforts, I view this rush to judgement in much the same light. None of us are exempt for error, for pity's sake. You also talk about thinking we can't do the "big stuff," so we don't do anything at all. I think that there's one very small but immensely powerful thing folks can try; not rushing to judge, but rushing to compassion. Not rushing to mock, but rushing to offer comfort. Not rushing to criticize, but rushing instead to help a person correct his/her error. It's a good habit to switch into, and a small thing to do, but when more and more do it, the ick of the world dies down and a tidal wave of love builds. That is to say, I believe this is possible, and try to live this way. I can't get it right every single time, no one can. But I strive. So can we all.Some Dark Romantic

  4. Thank you Mina! I absolutely love your comment and am so glad that the video lit some sparks in your mind. 1. I totally agree with you about the fact that our sparks may not be the right ones for someone else. At one point in the video I said that all we can do is send it out there and that we have to let people do things in the way which is right for them. There is absolutely arrogance in the way that some try to push their sparks on others, and I just do not agree with doing that. Love the way you worded this!2. Oh yes, the way that some judge is awful…and yes it does come from both sides and it isn't cool coming from anyone. The thing you said about hen pecking others for being 'wrong or other'…I just don't get it. Of course there are things which I do not like…we all have those things…and some things are just wrong, i.e. abusing children or anyone else for that matter…but other than those things which are extremes, I've always wondered why people cannot appreciate their differences. It makes life interesting! All of the things you listed as being small but powerful things to try…LOVE it. You are right none of us can get it right each and every time, but you are also right when you say that we can all strive to. I really do appreciate your comment. You've lit a few sparks yourself for me, and I am sure that your words will light sparks for others who read what you've said. Thank you!

  5. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I forgot to comment! I WATCHED AND I LOVED IT!!!! You're awesome!!!!! And the whole while you were speaking all that came to mind were "personal speaking engagements." And yes.. Sometimes "things" do come to me like that.. ; ) Keep putting yourself out there!

  6. Thank you MiMi! I am so glad that you liked it. Your feedback is so encouraging and I really appreciate it! Personal speaking engagements? I will give this some thought and keep it in mind for the future. You are funny…sometimes things do come to you like that…you say that like I would be surprised…and I'm so not! šŸ˜‰ I will definitely keep putting myself out there. Thanks again MiMi. šŸ™‚

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