Knitting Update

I have finished a few projects within the last few weeks, which makes me happy. It’s been a while since I have been able to say that I finished any of them! There are still two projects on the needles, one of which will be done sooner than the other…it’s a stole which has left than a foot to go on it. Hey, considering that it is a six foot stole, that really isn’t bad…even if I did start it last year. *grin* This is the one I’m making for myself, after I made two others, one for my sister and one for my best friend.  The other unfinished one is my very first sweater which I also began last year and just laid it down in lieu of other projects. I like to finish things for others before I finish my own.

Okay for the two which I recently completed, the first is a six foot scarf made out of Red Heart’s new boutique yarn…Sashay. My sister sent me two balls of this to try out and I have to tell you…I love this stuff! It’s a mesh yarn and once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy to knit up…and fast. I still have the other ball to work up, in a different color and I’ll be doing that soon. The pattern for this is on the back of the yarn label and there’s a great video on the Lion Brand site to get you started if you haven’t used mesh before, which I hadn’t. For as fast as it knits up and as cute as it is, I’ll be stocking up on some of this for quick gifts in the future. Here are a few photos of the finished product:

The other project I finished recently is the baby blanket for my best friend that I’ve been talking about for a while. Since I put it into the mail yesterday, I feel okay posting photos even though she won’t get it until Friday or Saturday. This blanket is another really easy project which is knit on the diagonal using Lion Brand Homespun in Garden Herb. The pattern for this blanket isn’t mine, so here’s a link to the site with the pattern. Here are a few photos of the blanket, which I adore and will be making a larger version for my own bed in the future!
This is what has been going on in the knitting corner of my world, and I thought that I would come here and share. Are there any crafts or creative projects which you enjoy doing? 

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