Wishcasting Wednesday! What do you wish to delight in?

This week Jamie asks a fantastic question! Well, doesn’t she always? Still, as soon as I read this question I couldn’t help but put my daydreaming hat on. If you want to join in the Wishcasting fun go here!

What do you wish to delight in?

To answer this, I think I’ll make a list. These are in no particular order…just going to write as they come to mind.

1. The people I love of course, and people in general.
2. The beauty of nature.
3. Laughter, both my own and that of others. 
4. Knitting.
5. Sketching.
6. Writing.
7. Reading a good book.
8. Reading to learn.
9. Helping other people.
10. Growing spiritually.
11. Doing new things.
12. Watching the moon come over the horizon.
13. Making new friends.
14. Spending time with people whose presence is crackling with goodness.
15. Spending time alone.
16. Catching a warm summer’s breeze on my face.
17. Taking care of my plants.
18. Getting an aquarium when I move to my new place.
19. Participating in events and meetings with like minded people.
20.Blowing bubbles.
21. Listening to the sound of water flowing.
22. Fireflies.
23. Life itself!

There are so many things in this life to delight in. Sometimes we get so busy and so bogged down that we forget that. I’m glad that Jamie asked this particular question today. It sure made me stop to think about all of the things that there are which bring so much joy!

34 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday! What do you wish to delight in?

  1. Great Wish List! Life often seems to be in overdrive, that sometimes it's just nice to set outside, take some deep breaths and enjoy the sights and sounds around me, especially the peace and quiet.

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