Tarot for the Week of May 27 – June 2, 2012

This is a card of heartfelt generosity…sharing with others not for personal gain, but out of the kindness of your heart. Volunteer work, gifts, and justice are indicated. Now is the time to formulate your own method of giving and receiving, instead of allowing others to tell you what the right way is. There will be positive results in regards to a pressing issue. Begin to allow yourself to follow your calling in all areas of life. It’s always best to be yourself, even when giving to others. Make a real effort to be in harmony with your innermost self this week. Create and motivate from within this week and you will see attainment and accomplishment.

If you have issues troubling you this week take heart for you will have the opportunity to consult a person of authority and receive wise advice if you approach them in the right way. This person could be anyone in a position of authority and power. This will be a good time to discover inner reservoirs of power which can help you to project strength in situations which require it. Make sure to seek answers from spiritual sources as well as earthly ones this week.

This week may seem at times as though there is little movement in events. Use these times as opportunities for reflection and to examine what effect decisions may have both in the present and in the future. This is a period of possible spiritual expansion, so be aware of messages in dreams, from your intuition, and completely unexpected sources.

First and foremost this week, make a real effort to give and live from your heart. Not only will you be helping others more effectively, but living from this place will benefit you as well. If there are any pressing issues in your life right now, you will have the opportunity to consult someone who will be able to offer real assistance and wisdom. Just be sure that you approach them in the right way, which is another way in which being your genuine self will serve you well. You will discover inner reserves of power this week. Make sure that you seek wisdom from spiritual sources as well as earthly ones for maximum benefit. If there are times in which it seems as though nothing is happening, take them as cues to reflect and examine. There is real possibility of spiritual expansion this week. Keep this in mind if it’s something you’ve been hoping for and use this heart, wisdom, and spirit filled week to grow. Pay close attention for messages which will help you on the way.


8 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of May 27 – June 2, 2012

  1. It all sounds very positive. I wonder who might give me some wise advice this week? I find true wisdom in authority figures is rare. I look forward to being pleasantly surprised.

  2. Hi Spark! Hard to tell…words of wisdom usually seem to come from completely unexpected places…at least for me. Ha! Authority figures being wise is sort of rare isn't it? I sort of took that to mean that it would be someone who is an authority in the area a person needs information or help with. Hard to tell though. Hope you're having a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Very interesting reading! I can see some of these issues on the horizon for this week already. I need to figure out what to do to help others though.

  4. Any gifts that we are given should never be taken for granted. You should use your gifts for the greater good and give of yourself freely. When I figured out that little gem of wisdom, things fell into place rather quickly. I actually had a dream in which the goddess clearly showed me that in order to gain more confidence in my work, that I would have to concentrate not on monetary gain, but spiritual gain. Ever since then, I have gotten better and better. Some may think that my work is not a gift, but I know better. It is a fantastic gift and the rewards are more awesome than anything I could have imagined. I will be listening closely to my dreams this week.

  5. Hi JoJo! Helping others…maybe it's best to let your intuition lead the way. You could be out an about with your own business and get a pull toward something or someone you encounter. Could even be the person in the grocery store who you just feel drawn to smile and say hello to. Small acts such as those can make more of a difference in someone's day and life than we are often aware of. Then again, maybe you'll see or hear of something going on locally which you feel is a good cause that you will feel compelled to get involved in…in some way. Follow your heart. 🙂

  6. Hi Sister, you are so right about gifts not being taken for granted and giving of oneself freely. Yes, it does cause things to fall into place when one lives from the heart and focuses on the spiritual benefits as opposed to financial reward. Your gift…I do not know how anyone could look at it as anything other than a gift. It is definitely fantastic and is something which brings happiness and comfort to others. Just hope that you know that you have way more than one gift sister. You have many. Love you lots and lots. *HUGS*

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