Spiritual Breakthrough Today

This photo of the moon breaking through the clouds reminds me of how today felt to me.

Something amazing happened to me today, but before I go into it there is a little back story which will help to pave the way for where I am going with this. About three years ago I was sitting with someone who knows me very well. We had been talking about my ability to see spirits and pick up on the emotional energy of people and even places. This somehow led to a curiosity in channeling. So, this person agreed to perform an experiment with me. We sat in chairs directly in front of one another, knees touching, hands clasped. We did a few minutes of meditation before I asked if there was anyone there who wished to communicate something through me.

It didn’t take long before what seemed like a hundred voices came flowing through…all talking at the same time to the point that you couldn’t make anything out. As soon as I began to notice it, the person doing this with me abruptly broke hand contact and said that it was too overwhelming. Of course I felt the same way and I remember thinking that if channeling was like that…it probably wasn’t something which I wanted to pursue. So, for a few years I completely let it drop, without much of a thought. About a year ago, a friend of mine was going through some turmoil in life with several things. There was a relationship issue which is sort of beside the point for this post, so I will not give it any further attention. There was also some spiritual difficulty which we’ve been working through for several years and will continue to do so.

One point relevant to this topic was the loss of someone very dear to this person. The person lost was a spiritual leader, someone crucial in helping my friend to find their way on their path. My friend was at a loss in so many ways. Feeling as though lost in a storm with no compass. The other point relevant to this post is a  grandmother a generation or so removed of my friend who was discovered long after she was gone. There is significance for my friend in this relative, not only in family connection but in the spiritual sense. That is all that I am going to mention about the departed and the situation, because those are not my tales to tell. However, I decided at that time a year ago to try to tune in to these people in an attempt to find at least some comfort and hopefully even some answers. Until today I was getting little bits and pieces of things…small flashes of color and image…a word or two here and there.

Well, when we finally connected today it had been over a month since we had spoken. There were questions which my friend desperately needed answers to. I intentionally and fully opened myself up and before I knew it was having a full conversation with the first spirit that I mentioned…the spiritual leader. My friend was asking questions and when the spirit would answer I noticed a change come over my body. My posture changed….the way that my body felt was different. Then when the spirit would go quiet, my posture and feeling went back to normal with a sensation of a wave almost or a whoosh. I know it isn’t coming across clearly, but that is the best way that I can describe it. The things coming out of my mouth were not worded in the way in which I normally speak and honestly some of it completely confused me because I had no idea what it meant. My friend explained to me the side stories behind the words, which were only spoken between the two of them. Interesting enough huh? Well there’s more.

The second spirit…the grandmother figure came through in a funny way. My friend had asked why she wasn’t around much lately. Before I could even blink the words, ‘Because you haven’t asked to talk to me yet’ were coming out of my mouth. I could feel a different energy. It was loving and warm…you couldn’t be in the presence without smiling. My friend had been trying to figure out exactly where she was from so that a visit could be made. However, my friend hasn’t been able to get far in the search because some vital records had been destroyed. Only bits, pieces, and clues have presented themselves. Well, she began showing me images to give hints and they made no sense because one of the images she showed to me seemingly had nothing to do with the other. She was very insistent that I didn’t dismiss it, so I did some pretty extensive research today and found that there is only one location in the entire United States which has all of the images that she showed to me combined. To make it better this location is in one of the states in which he was given as a possibility as to her origin.

While I’m not yet sure where all of this is going to lead me, to say that I am in awe would be an understatement. Not only has it opened my eyes to the importance of my spirituality, but it made me so happy to bring comfort to my friend as well as a very important clue in the quest to find roots. This day ended up so utterly different than I had intended it to be, but instead of annoyance, I feel gratitude. Having this happen has given me something which has been needed for a very long time…that confirmation that I am on the right path. That my desire to truly help people can be fulfilled. What bigger gift can a person receive? In my opinion…nothing could be bigger than that. This was the push I needed to dive back into my spirituality fully. While I am not sure what, if any further role channeling will have to do with my path this experience has made it apparent to me that my path is definitely a spiritual one…and that I need to give this aspect of myself more attention than I have in the past few years.


10 thoughts on “Spiritual Breakthrough Today

  1. Wow that's really interesting! My curiosity it piqued about what state it is though. πŸ˜‰ Maybe you can do this stuff on the side? Would you charge money for it or do it for free?

  2. Thanks JoJo! Okay…okay its NC. Doing it on the side is something I'm debating. Just not sure what direction this is all going to go in. As far as charging…I've been thinking about that too and that is going to depend on the situation. My main goal is to help people. Would like to be able to get some money at times but it will not stop me from helping. πŸ™‚

  3. Interesting post. I suspect that a there are a lot more spiritual people than they would let on. I commend you for writing about it. It took me a long time to admit to others that I (the doubter, the cynic) had actually been hypnotized by a self-hypnosis tape. I recall being in chock–and didn't realize I had been hypnotized until the speaker was talking me back out. SO, there are a lot of things we don't understand. A lot of things going on that involve different levels of consciousness and awareness of what surrounds us–relative to those different levels. Good luck with your pursuits πŸ™‚ !

  4. Thank you Teresa. I have to agree with you about there probably more than admit it. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable and confident enough to put it out there like I have lately. It feels good though honestly now that I've accepted it.The hypnosis thing is interesting. I had the same reaction my first time. I had completely not believed till it happened to me. I absolutely love your comment Teresa. Seems like you would be awesome to sit down over coffee with. πŸ™‚

  5. You are very brave Tracy, to share this experience because there's a lot of judgement around spiritual channeling, mediums,etc. If channeling is your path, it will find you even if you're not looking for it. (Kinda sounds like it already has!)

  6. Thank you Laurie. I almost didn't write this post because of that very reason and even called someone to ask for advice on whether I should. The answer was so helpful…that it is a part of who I am and that I shouldn't worry about the perceptions of those who either do not believe or who are offended by it…obviously that answer was what I needed to help me gather the courage to write. Yes, it kinda already has lol. It's hard to say to how much of an extent this will play a role in my life and future, but I'm open to possibility. Yesterday's experience was amazing. Thank you for being supportive Laurie. I truly appreciate it.

  7. That story totally blows me away. It's fascinating and a little scary. I've always been scared of channelling or acting as a medium because in the past I've had trouble setting boundaries with spiritual forces. I probably could do it if I tried. But nothing has called me to that adventure yet.Good luck to you, and may your path be extra-blessed.

  8. I know what you mean Spark. This has been my problem in the past, so I really squashed this part of myself for a really long time. Over the past several years, I've grown a lot…so the time must be right. Maybe you will someday. It isn't an easy decision for sure. Thank you for the well wishes and encouragement. It means a lot to me, as does your friendship. Wishing you nothing but the best too!

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