Honored To Have Received An Award

Much thanks to JoJo over at Tahoma Beadworks and Photography for presenting to with The Kreativ Blogger Award! It really touches me to have been selected when there are so many great blogs out there.

It is asked that you select six other blogs to receive the award and it truly wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just six. After a lot of thought, I finally managed to narrow it down. Here is my list:

Julie –The World of Julie B
Betty-Poetry – Etchings From My Spirit
MiMi-Magical Mystical MiMi
Spark-Adventures In Sparkland
Wendy-Artisan Denizen
Tracy Jo-Brand New Day

I know…we were supposed to do six…but I have one more that has to go in!
Mina Lobo-Some Dark Romantic

Okay…now for the bit in which you are supposed to make a list of ten things that many people do not know about you.

1. Clowns scare the living hell out of me. Always have…always will (creepy buggers)!
2. I have a hard time finishing projects because I get lost in tangents way more than I like to admit (yes, the ancient Egyptians were very advanced…ooo look a kitty).
3. There are times in which I can be almost brutally honest (not always my finest quality, but sometimes a dose of reality is required).
4. I have danced through the aisles of a store with a really large bra on my head (no alcohol involved!).
5. I’ve been known to drive around the streets of a local small town with a tiara on my head…giving people the royal wave (elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist… not to be mistaken for the California howdy).
6. On top of the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I also have arthritis and spinal stenosis (which is slowly but surely narrowing the openings for my nerves, therefore pinching them off).
7. I absolutely love Alternative Rock, i.e. Puddle of Mudd, Green Day etc.. (I know you all thought I was an all classical or New Age type *wink*).
8. Beneath all of my glibness and sarcasm, I have a huge inner nerd (learned to mask her thanks to childhood bullying. Remember when intelligence wasn’t cool?).
9. Even though I abhor it, I’ve been guilty of going into a store in my pajama bottoms (Gimme a break, it was after midnight…I was sick as a dog and ran out of Nyquil…it was an all night CVS).
10. I consume way more pickles and lemons than the average person (love me some sour stuff).

That was harder than I thought it would be…but fun. Now you all know way too much about me! Okay, maybe it’s random bits of useless information…but still.


23 thoughts on “Honored To Have Received An Award

  1. Aw, Tracy – I heart you so much! But yowza, now I gotta, like think about ten things that won't put folks to sleep, and whatnot. :-)I'm with you on #1. Two years ago, around Halloween, I went to a "haunted house" with a coupla friends. As we made our way through it, we wound up in this smallish area with framed art on the walls. Towards the bottom there was a creepy clown pic. I said to my friends that clowns freaked me out and, on cue, one poked his head out from another picture frame! GAAAAAAAAAARH!!!!!!!!!!! (And LOL, because it really was brilliant timing.) πŸ˜€Some Dark Romantic

  2. JoJo, unfortunately there is no video. Not even so much as a photo. Hmm…maybe that means I need to do a repeat performance someday. πŸ˜‰ See…what is it about clowns? *shiver*

  3. Mina, OMG I would have croaked! Knowing myself as I do, one of two things would have happened if it had been me. I would have either a)flattened anyone in my path to the exit b)knocked the clown out cold and then been banned from the haunted house for life lol! Yes, I'm a jumpy little thing. ;)The timing though was perfect! For the clown that is…ha!

  4. Okay Mina, the story behind the bra hat dance:My sister and I were out shopping and she comes up to me with said bra in hand. Sister: 'OMG Tracy, would you look at this thing? Snicker'.Me: 'Whoa, one cup of that thing would cover your whole head. Hey! Yeah, I could like put this thing over my head and put the shoulder strap under my chin…like a bonnet ya know? Like a giant yarmulke with a chin strap! And do a little dance'.Sister: (turning a bit pale) 'Tracy…NO!'Me: Donning the bra hat, chin strap and all…doing a little dance there in the middle of the aisle…people everywhere…while loudly humming a tune…kicking legs out…wiggling hips…then doing the Egyptian snaky arms thing.Sister did finally laugh…everyone else laughed too…well except for the ones who blanched and walked away quickly LOL. I'm just goofy like that. πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you for the award, Tracy!I loved reading the comments here. Too funny about the bra hat. :)I saw 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' as a kid, and it creeped me out that the Child Catcher resembled a clown – I think he dressed like one – and tried to tempt them out of hiding with treats. I wonder what the idea ever was that children would want to come closer to someone who looked so artificial as a clown does? I have seen babies cry at the sight of them at parties. I don't think it's working. LOL

  6. You're welcome Betty. I absolutely love your blog. Yes you are supposed to select six and share ten things about yourself. Thanks…it was fun. I had thought about a few of them…like should I put that in there. Then I thought why not. πŸ™‚

  7. You are welcome sister. I know that you haven't been online much…which I've been a little envious of honestly. Sometimes I really think that I need to take a little electronic sabbatical myself. Does a body good! Mwahaha…bra hat was fun. Hard to tell what I might do in the future. Scary eh? πŸ˜‰

  8. MiMi, I am so glad to hear that! Seems like it's been rocky there and I hope that things are leveling off for good now. Thank you for the kind words! I'll be over to your blog to take a look. *hugs*

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