Tarot for the Week of May 6 – 12, 2012

You will encounter someone this week who is in authority. Approach them in the right way and they will give you wise advice on some troubling issues. If you are in a position this week in which you need to give the appearance of fearlessness and strength, you will discover a reservoir of power within yourself which will help you to accomplish that. If you are looking for wise answers, seek them from a spiritual source.

Be careful of your words and intent when disagreeing with others this week. It’s possible to create a very unpleasant and long-term rift…possibly even the ending of a relationship. Do not allow yourself to speak hastily. In addition to potential damage to personal relationships…professional relationships could be severely or permanently damaged as well. This card also indicates a period of loneliness which can be used to permanently end ties, habits, or cycles which need to cease, if you use this time for study and spiritual seeking.

This is a card of generosity and sharing for the sheer sake of it and not for personal gain. If you have an issue which you are working through at this time, there will be a productive result. It’s time to allow yourself to follow your calling in all areas of your life…work, leisure, spirit, and personal relationships. Follow your heart! You can achieve balance by being yourself and once you are in that space…give from there. This card also signals attainment and accomplishment…teaching us that receiving starts with giving, from the right place with the right motive.

This card signals that positive past efforts are about to be rewarded. It also has significance in regards to relationships. If you are unattached, a relationship is near. However, if you are already attached you will see an improvement in that relationship.

This week will have some issues for sure. The great thing about this is that assistance of the best kind will be readily available. You may also find yourself feeling snappish this week. Rather than damaging relationships, possibly beyond repair…take some time to be alone and use it to study the situation and do some spiritual seeking. Even though you may need to isolate yourself a bit in certain circumstances, it is also important this week that you work on following your heart, being yourself, and then learning to give from that place. Focus on giving to others this week, from a place where your heart is leading you to be kind and not thinking of what may be in it for you. When you master this, the rewards will be tremendous. Toward the end of the week, you will see relationship improvement…whether you are already in a relationship or single. There will be a lot of opportunity to make things right this week…to solve some long standing issues…to change course…to examine yourself and make adjustments. How this week turns out will be up to you. It always is of course, but this week in particular will be a test in using your ability to choose. Here’s hoping that we all choose wisely.


10 thoughts on “Tarot for the Week of May 6 – 12, 2012

  1. Hi, Tracy!Nice to visit you again! Hoping that all is well with you!Wow- truly benefited from connecting with you today; all things happen for a reason – do you think that to be true also?I received confirmation from reading the cards today! I do think that all things work for the good of all!I received a blessing from the readings today! Thank you for posting the reading!Have a prosperous day!

  2. Another awesome reading! An improvement in my relationship! Hmm….does that mean he'll propose this week? ;P Nah, I doubt it.

  3. Hi Betty! It's nice to have you visiting. I'm doing fairly well here. Hope that things are good with you. All things happening for a reason? Oh yes…I firmly believe that. So glad that the reading for this week was meaningful for you Betty and that you got some needed confirmation.You are very welcome! I hope that this is a marvelous week for you.

  4. Thanks JoJo. LOL…you're too funny! One never knows what's around the corner. Could be just a super week or what you are doubting could happen. 🙂 If he does ask the question of all questions…I do hope that you'll let me know. Then again, if he does…I imagine that I will hear you clear over here on the east coast shouting from the rooftops. 🙂

  5. I find myself being more snappish than usual this week. It's good to know there is a reason for it, however, I have really had to bite my tongue a few times. Being alone is not an option for me. Not even for a little while so I will have to figure something out. I do see some light at the end of the tunnel, so all is not lost. There is some hope for me this week and I have to be thankful for that. It has been a long wait. My health issues will be seen to at long last. 🙂

  6. It's going to be one of those weeks for sure. I know that you can't get alone time…wish I had a suggestion for you sister, but I really don't. Yes, you will figure it out…I know that for sure. I am so glad that you will be getting your health issues seen to. I've been worried about you. *HUGS* Love you lots.

  7. I definitely feel the need to spend time alone this week, that's for sure. Taking time to reflect before speaking is always good advice.By the way, remember a few days ago I saw a dead or dying butterfly? I've seen a lot of living ones since then, with the same markings: orange and black. A few were fluttering at my zaidy's grave today during the unveiling, and when the service was finished one landed on my arm. It was really neat.

  8. Spark, hope you can get some down time to yourself. Isn't that the truth. Sometimes I sure wish that I would think more before opening my mouth. There are times that I get myself into trouble lol…as we all do I suppose.Yes, I do remember you telling me about that. I think that it's awesome that you're seeing so many of them. To have the one land on your arm when it did is beyond neat! I have a book to look up significance of different animals. I'll look that up in the next day or two and email you if you like?

  9. No problem Spark. I'll try to get into that tomorrow. Today I finally buckled down and have been knitting a baby blanket for my best friend. Baby is due in July and I haven't worked on it for day. Keep saying that I'll get to it tomorrow and that just isn't working out too well lol. Whatever I find out, I will email to you. Hope all is well with you!

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