Full Super Moon Pics…The Skies Cleared

This gorgeous moon is just cresting over the hill here. Below are two shots taken a few minutes ago. If I get more later, I’ll come back and post them later or tomorrow.

Not sure what the light anomaly is. Kept the shot because I love the way the beams appear in it. 

Isn’t she brilliant? 

9 thoughts on “Full Super Moon Pics…The Skies Cleared

  1. The moon is a sphere that I have long admired! It is a wonder to be admired. It triggers curiosity and mystery and carries much meaning and benefit!We just need to understand its full purpose within creation!I give credence to the Creator of all things!

  2. Those are beautiful pics Tracy! It was cloudy and foggy here so no one got to see it last night. Love the beam in the first picture!

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