Super Hare’s Moon

This photo is last year’s super moon. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture this one through the clouds tonight. 

May’s full moon is most often known as the Hare’s Moon, but has also been called Flower Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Moon. This full moon is also a Super Moon, which is when the moon’s orbit is closer to the earth than normal. When our lovely silver satellite comes nearer the planet, it is a spectacular sight…looking much larger in the night sky than normal. Due to the lessened distance to earth of a super moon, it exerts an even stronger gravitational pull making high tides higher and low tides lower. Some think that the strong pull of a super moon also increases the chance of earthquakes, but many in the scientific community have dismissed this theory. The one thing that we do know is that energetically speaking, a full super moon exerts even greater energy than our usual full moons.

The energy of the Hare’s moon is known to be favorable for health, romance, wisdom, and love; which makes sense to me as this month is a month in which longer days…more light… comes into the picture. It’s a time to begin putting into motion things which have been in the planning stages. May is known for it’s light and playful energy as everything springs back to life and infuses us with glorious springtime energy. In nature we see flowers coming into bloom, animals focusing on mating, play, and working at building their nests and dens. This month is also planting time for many flowers and vegetables. It’s just an all around time of productivity, liveliness, and innate wisdom.

Having the energy of the Hare’s Moon amplified by the super moon effect should make for a wonderful month filled with fun, light, productivity, and maybe even a little romance. Sounds like a great combination doesn’t it? Take advantage of this period of renewal by working on bringing things to fruition…making those dreams come true!


4 thoughts on “Super Hare’s Moon

  1. It's so overcast and drippy here today, it's not looking good for the full moon at all, but maybe by the time it rises at 7:38, we'll have clearer skies!

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