Message of Great Blue Heron

I’ll start with some general information about this awesome bird, before moving on to the spiritual significance…which is the primary reason for the post. The Great Blue Heron has a range of most of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Galapagos Islands. It has also been seen, however rarely in parts of Europe. In North America, it is the largest of the Herons and is only surpassed in size by two other species of Heron worldwide. They can be found in a variety of habitats with the exception of always being near water, whether fresh or saltwater. Their diet mainly consists of small fish, but they have been known to eat other water dwelling creatures, such as shrimp…they have also been known to eat small mammals as well. 
Just yesterday, a Great Blue Heron flew so close to where I was standing that I couldn’t believe it for a moment. For years, I’ve paid close attention to animals presenting themselves to me in ways which aren’t typical because I believe that there is a message in there. Whether the animal is seen more frequently than normal or it is seen where they normally aren’t…which is what the heron did…I do some homework to find out what it might mean. A really good friend and I are so similar in our beliefs and on our paths that when she told me that one had been seen by her just the day before, it really spurred me to dig deeper. Okay, here is what I found and wow…it’s true and just what was needed right now. 
The physical characteristics of animals give us important cues which help us to understand their spiritual significance in our lives. The Great Blue Heron’s legs are one of their predominant features. Legs, as symbolism goes represent balance and the ability to progress and evolve. The length of the legs are significant too, as the longer the leg…the deeper the exploration of life can be. Heron’s legs are also very thin, which says that the person receiving a message is not one who needs the typical definition of stability in their lives, but they are able to stand on their own just the same. 
One of the notes which I came across about heron totems is that it is important for people with heron totems to explore different dimensions of earthly life. This is not to be confused with dabbling…it’s that the person has the ability to do well at many things, which enables that person to follow their own path in life. It is reinforced by the fact that the Great Blue Heron is a lone hunter and that they only congregate during breeding season. This is one of the messages which I’ve struggled with for years. It isn’t that I do not like people…honestly I do. It’s just that I prefer to be alone a good bit more than most people do. Over the past few years, I’ve come to accept this and not view it as a flaw just because it isn’t typical for many people. 
It has been said that most people can not live their lives in the way of people with heron as a totem because it isn’t a structured life and does not appear to have the stability and security which most people need. This however, is just a matter of perspective. The security in these people’s lives comes from being able to do a wide variety of tasks, knowing that if one way doesn’t work that a way which does work will be found. To a vast majority of people, the person with a heron totem’s life seems chaotic and unfocused because they are always diving into different things…sometimes leaving unfinished business for later. I’ve come to realize that there is a reason for this which took me years to understand. Until not long ago, my flitting from one thing to the next without finishing one first drove me nuts. Now I have seen that there is usually a progression to the madness of it. I get sidetracked often by things which pop up while I am working on something else and follow the new threads as they appear. Sooner or later, I get back around to the original thread and looking back…it was the following of the new threads which helped me to better understand the original thought. Reading about the heron totem has reinforced that for me, as well as helping me to accept it as a good thing and not as a character flaw.
Key features of people with heron totems which spoke to me are:
Not needing a lot of people in their life.
Not feeling pressure to keep up with the Joneses.
They stand out due to their uniqueness. 
They know how to quickly grab onto things, events, and ideas which others wouldn’t bother with. 
A NEED to follow their own wisdom and path of self determination. 
Knowing what is best for themselves and being wise to follow that as opposed to the promptings of others. 
It is amazing how many things that I have learned about myself…and how many messages I’ve received just when they are needed most by paying attention to the wildlife around me. What heron tells me is that the best life and path for me are the ones I’ve recently decided to allow myself to go on. This has given me the confirmation which I needed about my decisions and is something which I am very grateful for. Have you ever paid attention to the wildlife around you and thought about what it might be telling you? 


14 thoughts on “Message of Great Blue Heron

  1. Great posting. My totem is the Red Hawk a messenger, intuition, victory, healing, nobility, recollection, cleansing, visionary power, and guardianship. Loved reading about the Blue Heron.

  2. Thanks Gossip Girl. Interesting…Red Tailed Hawk has been in my life for almost two years now. Owl has always been there…and not heron is showing up. Totems are fascinating to learn about aren't they? I see that you've done some homework too and I think that's very cool. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Fascinating! Birds are beautiful. I even like seagulls and pigeons, the so-called "pest" birds.Unfortunately this morning I passed a gorgeous butterfly that was dead or dying because of the cold weather. I don't know what that meant, but it seems pretty sad.

  4. Hi Spark! I do too…honestly. When I used to live in Florida, so many people complained about the gulls and I adored them! Aww poor butterfly. Last night I couldn't believe my eyes because I saw a firefly already! They do not usually come out for another almost two months. Very odd spring.

  5. Thank you so much for this post! Great Blue Heron has been showing up both in my waking life and some journeywork for me in the past week, and I was so curious about the symbolism – and this makes such PERFECT sense for me. Many thanks!

  6. Hi Chessa, I'm so glad that you dropped by and left a comment. I'm also glad that my post was helpful to you. Great Blue Heron is a powerful totem indeed and getting confirmations and assurance just when we need them is a wonderful feeling!

  7. Hi Tracy, i came across this page because i have had a heron at my house a few time this year. I had never seen one before and now there is one, that waits outside my fence in the long grass, walks up my driveway when i get home and then sits on my shed. Its seem very calm, it lets me get somewhat close to look at it, and i feel very 'attracted' to the bird. I have felt that there is a significance to the bird visiting but have not been sure what. I am very attuned to nature and the universe but have been unable to find a message in its visits. Your page has been helpful. i will read it again a few times to find my message.thankyou very muchKym πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you Kym. I am glad that you found the information here to be helpful. Do you have water near your house? If not, then it is even more unusual. Very interested to hear more from you, so if you come back please let me know. Thanks for visiting.

  9. tracey , I do live on the coast, not too far from water but its more than a walk away too. im still not sure about the visits, he has not returned since I wrote that post. But I am still intrigued…

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