Dogwoods and Bluebells and Trilliums…Oh My

It’s really chilly here today but brilliantly sunny, so I got out for a bit and snapped a few photos…before my camera battery died. I’m really going to have to be more attentive to that!

Lovely Dogwood
Dogwood blooms reaching to kiss the beautiful blue sky…

I just love Dogwood trees!

The way that these blooms glow as they reach toward the sky is amazing.

Bluebells 🙂 

Aren’t bluebells precious?

This Trillium has character!

The petals are a bit chewed and tattered, yet it’s as beautiful as can be. The center (pistil) of this one is extraordinarily pretty…to me. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Dogwoods and Bluebells and Trilliums…Oh My

  1. I grew up with the dogwood!I just saw a pink one yesterday; seldom do I see the pink ones so when ever I do, I stop just to have of moment of -awe!Where, I grew up was all woods. I would practically live in the woods; that one dogwood tree would quietly stand there and hear my inner storybook.Flowers of any kind attract my attention. I really miss the home place where I grew up. Being up rooted from there was when I really lost my roots.Beautiful post, Tracy!

  2. Thank you Betty. I do not see the pink ones very often either. They are beautiful! Where did you grow up and where are you now? Sounds like two different worlds almost. Hopefully you will find your roots again.

  3. I LOVE bluebells! The bring back good memories of my childhood! I even wrote a poem for B of the a-z challenge called toll of the bluebells! I hope you will check it out!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Amy! I went and saw your post today. Lovely! 🙂 When I commented I said that I was going to join your blog and honestly couldn't find the place to do so. I'll be back though.

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