Bonus Guest Post by Evangeline

I asked my best friend’s daughter, ten year old  Evangeline if she would mind doing a little research into the little white butterflies which are always the first ones we see in the springtime. She was sweet enough to accommodate me and researched to find some answers. I had asked her why it was that these butterflies were the first that we see every year, and she found out that they are the only species of butterfly which winter over. I also asked her what they were called. Evangeline discovered that they are called White Cabbage Butterflies. The last question that I asked her was what they ate since they were out so much earlier than the other butterflies and even most of the flowers. She also discovered those answers for me. Below is a copy of the written part of her post:

Many thanks go to Evangeline for helping out with this project! Be sure to visit her link at the top of the post. She’s a very interesting, creative girl and I think that you will enjoy seeing her page. 


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