Photo Post

I went outside a little while ago to see what I could come up with. The lighting is really gloomy, so I thought that it might make the colors of the plants and flowers pop. Here’s what I got:

Red bud

This is the shot I wanted to get when my battery died last week! Thank goodness the frost didn’t kill the tree. 

Red bud against the gloom
The color didn’t quite pop the way I had hoped it would against the gray sky. Still a pretty cool shot though. 🙂
This macro shot turned out even more amazing than I thought it would!

Red bud macro

Rose bush pre-bloom. Me so thorny! Couldn’t resist. *wink*
Grape hyacinths popping through Winter weeds
Nature is so resilient! Look at the way these gorgeous blooms are pushing the through dead Winter leaves.
Don’t know what this is, but it’s so pretty!
Some kind of bush with gorgeous bright yellowish leaves
Hopefully I’ll get out for more photo fun soon!

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