Happy Spring Equinox

It was an absolutely beautiful day here to welcome Spring! The sun was shining…it was extremely warm…the flowers are coming out into bloom nicely. Things are way ahead of schedule here, but I am loving every last warm drop of it. Of course there is magic in every season, but the renewal and hope for new life in Spring is so special…both in the physical and spiritual world. It’s time for things to come into being, whether it is an old idea or project coming out of hibernation or something entirely fresh. In my own personal life, it is a mix of both. There were a few things for which I got the ball rolling in the Winter which are really coming into bloom now, as well as entirely new plans and ideas. There’s even one major item, recently brought to light after decades of feeling almost completely frustrated due to coming up empty when trying to see the whole picture. I am speaking of finally seeing a more complete picture of my life’s path, which I wrote a post about here. Please click the link to read more about it. I have to admit that this is a very exciting time for me, because there are just so many things…great things…going on and in the works. It’s a fantastic feeling to be coming into my own in so many areas; spiritually, emotionally, creatively, and soon to be physical location as well. Someone fantastic must have flipped a switch when I hit my fortieth birthday three weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier about it.

This special time of year is one in which to let go of inhibitions and revel in nature’s renewal and creation. As I stated earlier there is magic in every season, however I would like to draw attention to the connection which we have with mother nature and her cycles. Just as happens in the natural world, so it is with our lives. There are certain times of year in which it is best to focus on different aspects of being. Such as Summer being the time to frolic and enjoy, as well as putting in extra effort in preparation for the cooling period. Autumn is great to wind things down and harvest…celebrate our bounty. Winter is the time to go into a state of semi dormancy…using it to reflect on the year which came before it and begin to think of which directions we wish to go after the thaw. Spring, just as in nature itself is our time to renew and create!

Freyja, illustration by Helen Stratton for
 ‘A Book of Myths’, 1915
 Wiki Commons
 One of my favorite deities who is highlighted this time of year is the Goddess Freya. There are so many of her traits which give her a special place on my list. She brings about favorable conditions, she is the patron goddess of crops, loves springtime and flowers, as well as having a special fondness for elves and fairies, and she loves cats too. Freya hails from Norse mythology which I studied somewhat when in my early twenties. While I’ll admit that I have forgotten most of what I learned back then, she is still pretty fresh in my mind and has remained a favorite. 
My mind is wandering to planting flowers and herbs soon, kicking off several projects both old and new, and finishing up a few things which I’ve been working on slowly for quite some time. I’m also looking forward to spending more and more time outdoors, which I dearly missed over the Winter. Seeing the sun shining and new green life around me has been doing wonders for me in so many ways…as I am sure that it has for many of you as well. What are some of your reflections and plans for this Spring? 

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